Minecraft: how to find a Trial Chamber

How to find a Trial Chamber in Minecraft, added in update 1.21
Trial Chamber
Trial Chamber / Mojang

Trial Chambers are the stars of the Tricky Trials update, as they serve as a fun challenge and can give you good loot for the mid-game of Minecraft. However, as an underground structure, they’re not the most common, especially as they often spawn with minimal connection to the open caves surrounding them.

We’ll explain what you should do to raise your odds of finding a Trial Chamber, so you can go adventuring now the 1.21 update is out. Of course, Trial Chambers aren’t the only new feature, so check out full Minecraft 1.21 patch notes to see everything it has in store.

How to find a Trial Chamber in Minecraft

Minecraft Trial Chamber
Trial Chamber / Mojang

There are two ways to find a Trial Chamber in Minecraft that take very different approaches. First, search caves between Y=-20 and Y=-40, as these are the levels that the entrance room for a chamber can spawn. That said, other rooms can spawn higher than that. You’ll know you’ve hit one when you start finding Tuff bricks, as that’s the stone that coats the outside of the chambers.

Alternatively, you can buy a Trial Explorer map from a Cartographer villager. Much like Ocean Monuments and Woodland Mansions, a Cartographer villager can sell you a map to one once you’ve leveled them up a few times. To turn a villager into a Cartographer, find one that doesn’t currently have a job and place it near a Cartography Table and it should adopt the profession.

Once you’re inside there’s plenty to explore, with the loot inside you can learn how to make a Mace in Minecraft, or if you want a harder challenge, find out how to start an Ominous Trial in Minecraft.

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