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The three Piglin factions trying to conquer the overworld in Minecraft Legends all have very different approaches to battle. Where some like the Horde of the Hunt try to use overwhelming numbers or the Horde of the Spore slowly poison you until you can’t go on, the Horde of the Bastion takes some inspiration from our good friend, the turtle.

They construct tough fortresses that you’ll have to slowly break into if you want to destroy their portals, and we’re going to go through some strategies you can use to fight them.

Horde of the Bastion battle tactics – Minecraft Legends

Minecraft Legends Bastion portal

The Horde of the Bastion is all about stalling you as long as possible. The longer you’ve trapped outside their walls, the more damage they can inflict, softening you up for when you finally break through. Their units charge right at you and knock you from pillar to post. They’re not the strongest units, but they’ll quickly become a problem in large enough numbers.

Their bases are littered with arrow towers hidden behind walls that will slowly take out your army, and worst of all are the spike towers that shoot explosive spike balls at your army. One of them hitting you at just the wrong moment can be utterly devastating.

The walls of the bases are specifically crafted to keep you confined in these tight spaces that make even retreating difficult, so you’ll have to be careful when launching an assault.

How to defeat the Horde of the Bastion – Minecraft Legends

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Don’t bother trying to break down the walls of their bases. It will take far too long and you’ll run out of units. Instead, attack the gates dotted around those walls, as they’ll come down far quicker. The downside is you’ll be entering the base through a chokepoint, but you can break through that with the right tactics.

Once you break through the first set of walls you’ll be immediately faced with a second layer, and you’ll have to go all the way around if you want to find the next gate. This means you can’t charge in and hope for the best, you need to gradually clear everything out along the way – and we mean everything. Even a single building left standing could cause problems.

The upside is that, once you’ve cleared out a section of the base, it’s almost entirely safe. If you’ve got the cure netherrack upgrade then you can create a mini base for yourself when you can build spawners to replenish your ranks.

Once all the gates are down, focus on the portal. It may take a few waves of units, but it shouldn’t stay standing for long.