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Minecraft Legends sees you face off against three factions of Piglins that are trying to conquer the overworld and it’s your job to take them all down. However, each of these factions employ different tactics to try and defend their bases, so you’ll need different approaches to them all down.

We’ve got guides that cover how to fight the Horde of the Spore, and how to fight the Horde of the Bastion, but now we’re going to focus on the Horde of the Hunt.

Horde of the Hunt battle tactics – Minecraft Legends

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The Horde of the Hunt are all about overwhelming you with numbers. They spawn by far the most units, with multiple types of spawners – some of which can even drop units right on top of you from range.

Hoglins are going to be your biggest obstacle here, as they charge at you with unrelenting speed and send your units flying when they make contact. If a large group of them starts attacking you, then there’s very little you can do to combat it. The same goes for their elite unit, the Pigadillo. It has extremely touch armor as it rolls around at speed, knocking back anything it hits.

How to defeat the Horde of the Hunt – Minecraft Legends

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Just rushing for the portal isn’t going to work against the Horde of the Hunt like it might for other hordes. Your units will be wiped out pretty much as soon as they get near the portal, or be knocked back so much they never even reach it.

Instead, you need to focus on their spawn buildings. The Horde of the Hunt has three, one for Piglins, and two for Hoglins. You should absolutely prioritize getting rid of the Hoglins first, as the Piglins are much easier to deal with – especially as one of the Hoglin spawners can shoot them out from range.

Due to the overwhelming forces, this is best done in big pushes with a full squad of cobblestone golems, as they can wipe out a building pretty quickly. Some grindstone golems could also be useful to temporarily stun the Hoglins in their tracks.

Once you’ve thinned out their numbers a bit, it’s time to spawn an army of Creepers and rush the portal. Units that get to the portal aren’t going to last long anyway, so just make use of Creeper’s massive damage output. Provided you’ve got enough coal, you should take out the portal in two or three waves.