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Of the three Piglin factions in Minecraft Legends, the Horde of the Spore is the strangest. Their basses have annoying layouts that force you down one avenue of attack while they bombard your units with poison damage that slowly weakens them. Their damage may be small, but the AOE effects will chip away at your units until there’s nothing left.

We’ve got guides that cover how to fight the Horde of the Hunt, and how to fight the Horde of the Bastion, but now we’re going to focus on taking out the Horde of the Spore.

Horde of the Spore battle tactics – Minecraft Legends

Minecraft Legends attacking a tower

As we said above, the Horde of the Spore are all about slowly chipping away at you, until your entire army crumbles in one big push.

Their base units can unleash a toxic spray that damages any units that touch it, which makes them easy prey for the melee units. As their units get stronger, things get dire, as the bigger Piglins throw explosive projectiles that come with an AOE poison effect. Getting overrun by a group of these enemies can quickly spell disaster for you.

What’s more, their bases are constructed on a series of tall pillars, most of which you can’t reach from ground level, which means even getting up to fight them can be a pain.

How to defeat the Horde of the Spore – Minecraft Legends

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When you approach a Spore base, you need to find the lowest pillar you can, as the ramps you can build have a very limited vertical range.

Your job is to progress upwards from pillar to pillar, clearing out every building along the way to give your units a safe path to the portal. There’s no real priority list here, as you need to clear away everything that blocks your path to stand a chance of getting through. However, what you don’t want is more Piglin spawning, so it’s often worth going a little out of your way to destroy spawners.

Spore bases also sometimes hide Carpenters, which gradually repair buildings, making it something you definitely need to destroy – it’s usually near the portal.

Speaking of the portal, once you’ve cleared a path, then you’ve just got to rush it. The chip damage and AOE effects make a sustained assault impractical, so gather together a big group of cobblestone golems and Creepers if you have them unlocked and throw them all at the portal over and over until it falls.