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Nightingale multiplayer: How to play Nightingale co-op with friends

It’s kinda dangerous to go alone

Nightgale multiplayer might not be essential, but playing Inflexion’s survival game with friends makes it easier to stay alive and thrive. Gathering resources, managing tasks, and fending off monsters are easier to handle when you can share the load, but Nightingale leaves you to piece together how multiplayer works on your own.

Our Nightingale multiplayer guide explains how to play co-op, including how to invite friends, make a party, and join a party.

If you’re new to Inflexion’s first game, check out our guide for how to toggle third-person mode.

Nightingale multiplayer: How to play co-op

Nightingale's multiplayer screen, showing an empty party selection and no friends

You can manage players and invitations on the left

Nightingale multiplayer only unlocks after you enter the first portal. That’s how Nightingale phrases it anyway, and it’s a little misleading. Technically, multiplayer unlocks after you complete the tutorial, which sees you enter three portals and learn survival basics across a few biomes.

Once you’ve crafted salves, activated the last portal, and survived the fiends, you’ll end up in a biome of your choosing, where you can join a party or invite friends to join you.

Open the main menu by pressing the “Escape” key, and click the “Party and Social” tab, or press the “P” key to access it instantly. Here, you can invite friends, make parties, or dismiss players if you need to boot someone.

Nightingale co-op doesn’t recognize your Steam or Epic Games friend list, or it doesn’t seem to at the time of writing, anyway. Instead, you need to enter your friend’s Nightingale name – their character name and the four numbers that come after it, similar to a Discord username.

How to make and join a party in Nightingale

Nightingale's multiplayer menu showing party creation

Up to four other people can join a party with you.

Players you invite or played with recently will show up in the menu’s left pane, so you can access them again quickly when you’re ready to party up. Select the “create party” option in the right pane, and add the friends you want to play with.

Bear in mind that Nightingale multiplayer progress is tied to the host player. Whatever progress you make or items you gather in their world will not carry over to your world once you get back home.

If you’re on the receiving end, you’ll have to wait for the world host to add you to their party.

Five people can join a Nightingale party, and you can toggle your invitation options to “public” or “friends only” in the right pane’s upper right corner.