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Nightingale stone blocks locations

Rock blocked

Finding Nightingale’s stone blocks might have you hitting your head against a (not stone) wall, since the survival game doesn’t exactly handle the crafting material in a logical way. Stone blocks are the literal foundation for your first proper crafting task, and you’ll need them for plenty of other essential blueprints as well.

Our Nightingale stone blocks guide points out where to find stone blocks and what you need to get them.

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Nightingale stone blocks locations

A Nightingale player standing over stone blocks, preparing to harvest them with his pickaxe

It's easy to overlook stone block nodes when they're tucked away among larger rocks.

You need stone blocks to craft your first estate cairn after Ninghtingale’s tutorial ends, but the blueprint is vague about the material. Logic says you can use stones to make stone blocks, and Nighitngale says “no, you can’t.” You’re also not looking for actual blocks here, despite what the item is called.

Stone blocks come from specific stone nodes – not the circles of little stones you can pick up and not the large stones scattered around seemingly for decorative purposes. You’re looking for the smallish-medium-sized rocks like the ones shown above.

You’ll know you have the right one when the harvesting icon appears over the node. I picked a forest realm after the tutorial, and there was a rocky hill near the starting area that had several stone blocks. Look for places like that in desert and swamp realms as well, and if you can't find any, check around where you can pick up normal rocks.

How to get stone blocks in Nightingale

A Nightingale player harvesting stone blocks

Keep your pickaxe handy.

You need a pickaxe to harvest stone blocks. The tutorial forces you to craft one, so unless you’ve been bashing enemies with it, you should still have one at the ready. If not, or if it’s getting close to breaking, open your inventory menu, right click on the pickaxe, and choose “repair.”

The stone block harvesting icon is a bit finicky, so you might have to position yourself just right before you can actually get to work. If you start swinging without the icon showing up in green, you’ll just be wasting your stamina.