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Palworld kindling - Early Pals with the kindling ability

On fire for you
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Palworld kindling is a slightly confusing prompt that Pocketpair’s Pokemon-like game throws at you early on, and you need the right Pal work suitability to make it work. Kindling is something you’ll need on several occasions as you expand your building and crafting repertoire and work with the Smelter, so make sure to keep at least one or two kindling Pals in your Pal Box.

Our Palworld kindling guide explains what kindling is and the best kindling Pals to get early on.

Palworld – What is Kindling?

A Palworld Foxparks stands next to a campfire with a young human standing nearby

Kindling unlocks new recipes, and not just for cooking.

While Palworld leads you to think Kindling is an object or something you can add to your campfire or furnace, it isn’t. Kindling is an ability, and one that only Fire-type Pals have. 

Kindling will activate automatically when a Pal with the ability approaches an object that requires kindling, but in my experience, they don’t always start a kindling activity on their own. You may need to lift the Pal and bring them to your furnace or fire to get the process started.

Pals with Kindling

From what I’ve observed, pretty much any Fire-type Pal has kindling, even dual-type Pals. That said, you won’t be running into the likes of Incineram and Faleris early in your journey, and even if you did, you probably couldn’t catch them. There is one easy – and adorable – Pal you can add to your team early on, though: Foxparks.

Where to find Foxparks in Palworld

A Palworld map page showing the Foxparks location near the game's second fast travel point

Foxparks is weak, but Mammorest is strong.

Foxparks is a low-level Fire-type Pal who wanders the lower part of the Plateau of Beginning. While some players say that they’re in the nearby church or only come out at night, that’s not entirely accurate, or not in my experience, anyway. Foxparks sleeps at night and is active during the day.

They’re also fairly rare. I wandered around the plateau for quite a while and only saw one.

The best place to look is here, near the second fast-travel point and around the giant Mammoset. I found it easier to approach a sleeping Foxparks at night, as there was less chance of alerting the Mammoset. Foxparks is quite weak and should be around level four. A few basic hits from a Pal at a similar level, or two arrows from your own archery set, should weaken Foxparks enough for you to capture.

If you’ve got a Mega Sphere on hand, consider using it to increase your capture chance.