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Remnant 2: How to unlock the Alchemist archetype

How to unlock the Alchemist class in Remnant 2

Remnant 2’s selection of starting classes is great, but there’s always more to be found out in the world. We’ve already ranked the best Remnant 2 classes with the base five, but if you’re looking for something a little more balanced, the Alchemist may take your fancy. Among this archetype’s abilities is one that lets you have two concoction effects active at once, as well as spreading them among your allies, making them a great support character.

If you want to know how to unlock others like the Summoner class and the Explorer class then check out those links, but we’re going to tell you how to unlock the Alchemist class.

How to unlock the Alchemist archetype – Remnant 2

Remnant 2 Alchemist archetype

So the bad news is that to get the Alchemist, you’ve got to get captured and fight a tough enemy.

In the Losomn area, you’ll occasionally find drains in the water. Stand too close to one and you’ll end up getting dragged away by a Manticora. Let it take you and you’ll wake up in its lair that’s filled with bones, and soon you’ll be attacked by the Bone Collector.

It’s not a boss, but it’s still a toughie, so stay light on your feet and fill it with lead as fast as possible. It’ll drop a Mysterious Stone, which you can take to Wallace in Ward 13 to turn it into a Philosopher’s Stone. This equipable item will give you the Alchemist class in either your primary or secondary slot.