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Resident Evil 4 remake Chapter 1 walkthrough

Get through Resident Evil 4's first chapter with our step-by-step guide
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Resident Evil 4’s huge 2023 remake is out now, and we’ve got a full walkthrough to take you through the game step by step, ensuring you don’t get stuck or miss anything important.

In this guide, we’re covering the first chapter, breaking down how to get through every step of the way. Just read through our instructions below to get through with ease.

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Hunter’s Lodge - RE4 Remake


Village Siege - RE4 Remake


Farm - RE4 Remake

Make sure to use our Blue Medallions guide to get everything in the Farm. You should also try to shoot the lantern hanging on the windmill when it isn’t hanging over the filthy water.


Lakeside Cabin - RE4 Remake


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