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Resident Evil 4 Remake has been out for a while now, and most players have unlocked a majority of the game’s secrets, but there are only three Bonus Weapons to unlock, and one of them is particularly tricky.

The Handcannon is a Magnum with absurd power, and an Exclusive upgrade that gives it infinite ammo, without ever having to reload. That’s pretty fearsome, and is exactly why the Handcannon is so sought after.

After a new update there is now an easier way to unlock the Handcannon, in addition to the original method. For everything you need to know to unlock and use the Handcannon in Resident Evil 4 Remake, just read through our tips below.

How to unlock the Handcannon – RE4 Remake

There are currently two methods of unlocking the Handcannon in Resident Evil 4 Remake, with the easiest not being explained at any point in game.

Resident Evil 4_20230414155006

The first method launched alongside the game, and has an in-game challenge indicating that the Handcannon can be unlocked through this method. All you have to do is complete a Professional run of the game without using any Bonus Weapons. However, this does not exclude Accessories and Costumes, meaning you can make it a much easier task with the Cat Ears accessory for Infinite Ammo, and Ashley’s Armor costume.

Resident Evil 4_20230413095502

The second method is to play the brand new Mercenaries DLC game mode. The Mercenaries is a free DLC, and it was the method to unlock the Handcannon in the original game too, but it’s much easier in this title. As outlined in our Mercenaries unlocks guide, you can obtain the Handcannon by getting an S rank on all stages with any single character. This is pretty easy to complete, especially with our Mercenaries tips guide.