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Ammo can often be your biggest limiting factor in Resident Evil 4 remake, stopping you from unloading with all your might on the horrors you’ll come face to face with. However, for those who are exceptionally skilled at the game, there are ways to unlock infinite ammo. Not only are there some bonus weapons that have infinite ammo by default, but there is an accessory that unlocks it for most other weapons too.

We’ll take you through every method for Resident Evil 4 remake infinite ammo to fill out your arsenal.

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Get infinite ammo with Cat Ears – RE4 Remake

RE4 Remake Cat Ears

If you want Leon to look like the most beautiful cat boy you ever did see, then you’ll want the powerful Cat Ears accessory. They have the added bonus of being a cheat item, unlocking infinite ammo for all of the standard weapons, except the RPG.

It’s not easy to get them though, as to even unlock them for purchase, you must complete the game on Professional difficulty with an S+ rank. To get such a rank to need to complete the game in under five and a half hours, making fewer than 15 saves along the way. Doing that will unlock the Cat Ears for purchase for 3,000CP.

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How to unlock the Infinite Rocket Launcher – RE4 Remake

RE4 Remake Infinite Rocket Launcher

If you were wondering why the Cat Ears don’t affect the RPG, this is why. Start the game in New Game Plus mode on any difficulty and the merchant will offer you this glorious item for 2 million pesetas – you’ll need to check out our guide for selling treasure for 100k pesetas if you want to earn the cash. As the name suggests, this is an RPG that never runs out of rockets, so go nuts.

How to unlock the Infinite Handcannon – RE4 Remake

RE4 Remake Handcannon

The Handcannon is one of RE4 Remake’s bonus weapons, and you’ll eventually be able to mod it to have infinite ammo.

To get the gun in the first place, complete the game on Professional difficulty without using any other bonus weapons, then buy it for 1,000CP. Then all you have to do is purchase every single upgrade for the gun, which will set you back 540k pesetas – or get an upgrade ticket for 30 spinels if you have them lying around.

How to unlock the Infinite Chicago Sweeper – RE4 Remake

RE4 Remake Chicago Sweeper

Like the Handcannon, the Chicago Sweeper is a bonus weapon, serving as the best SMG in the game.

To unlock it, you need to complete the game on Professional difficulty at an A Rank, which you do by beating it in under seven hours. Once you’ve bought it for 1,000CP, you once again need to purchase every upgrade for it – that’ll be 660k pesetas, please. You can skip all that if you buy an upgrade ticket for 30 spinels though.