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If you’ve blasted through Resident Evil 4 remake then chances are you’re going to want to go through it again. While you could just settle for Hardcore mode, why not ramp it up a little more and go for Professional mode? This extra difficulty mode makes things more like they were in the original game, and completing the game on it will get you some of the game’s best items.

We’ll tell you what it does and how you can unlock Resident Evil 4 remake Professional mode.

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How to unlock Professional mode – RE4 Remake

RE4R Leon with glasses

You should focus on your number 1 priority: completing the mission. You’ll unlock Professional mode as soon as you complete the main story for the first time. This can be done on any difficulty and lets you jump right into Professional mode on New Game Plus if you want to.

What does Professional mode do? – RE4 Remake

RE4R Ashely without jacket

First of all, there are no autosaves in Professional mode, meaning you can’t rely on those automatic checkpoints to save you when you die. Instead, you’ll need to find typewriters and manually save whenever you can – although if you want that sweet S+ rank, you’ll need to save fewer than 15 times throughout the whole game.

Plus, parrying gets much more difficult, as only perfect parries will be accepted. You’ll need to be much more precise to succeed this time, hitting the button at the perfect moment to blow away an attack.

Finally, all weapon modifications will be unlocked from the start of the game. While this won’t make a huge difference if you’re playing in New Game Plus, it can give you an early-game boost in a fresh run.

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