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Skull and Bones Black Market: How to gain access to The Helm’s Black Market at Pont Muet

Run some errands for Yanita to unlock the Black Market in Skull and Bones

The Black Market in Skull and Bones is where you can purchase all sorts of smuggled resources, weapons with special perks, rare cosmetics, blueprints, and more, so you might want to unlock it sooner rather than later in the game.

Skull and Bones doesn’t go out of its way to tell you about the black market, so you can easily miss it, especially if you don't complete a specific questline that becomes available at some point in the game.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Skull and Bones Black Market, how to unlock it, and what to expect there.

How to unlock the Black Market in Skull and Bones

Unlocking the Black Market in Skull and Bones is relatively straightforward, and it all starts by talking to Yanita Nara, the manager of Le Pont Muet tavern at Sainte-Anne, your starting port.

Skull and Bones Yanita Nara

Talking to Yanita at Pont Muet is your first step to unlocking the Black Market in Skull and Bones.

The quest that asks you to do so is called “A Covert Initiation”, and will appear at some point as you progress through the game by completing contracts for Scurlock and doing pirate stuff to raise your infamy level.

Yanita will reveal the truth about the port’s tavern and the Smugglers’ Hideout it hosts behind a hidden door in the big barrel next to the bar counter, and this will start The Helms questline.

Skull and Bones Smugglers' Hideout entrance

That's not just a barrel.

Pont Muet’s barkeep will show you around the hideout, explaining about The Helm and gradually introducing you to the activities there over a couple of missions.

To unlock the Black Market, you need to progress The Helm questline by completing two contracts for Yanita. Once you return to her after doing the quest “A Tight Ship”, she will grant you access to the Black Market.

What’s in the Black Market and how does it work - Skull and Bones

The Helm’s Black Market in Skull and Bones lets you purchase smuggled resources, which are big piles of all the kinds of materials you’d need for crafting, a selection of weapons and armor that have special perks, special captain and ship cosmetics, rare blueprints, and more.

Black Market menu in Skull and Bones, showing all the goods on sale for Pieces of Eight

The Black Market gives access to rare goods and only accepts Pieces of Eight.

Everything available on the Black Market can be purchased only with Pieces of Eight, as the market does not accept Silver.

The Pieces of Eight are Skull and Bones’ second in-game currency, which is used to buy rare items and cosmetics and is much rarer than Silver.

One thing you can buy from the Black Market is the Pyromaniac Sambuk ship blueprint, so be sure to check our guide on how to get it and what you’ll need to build it.