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Skull and Bones copper locations

Copp(er)ed it
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Finding Skull and Bones copper locations is a key part of upgrading your ship, since harvesting copper is the only way to get bronze ingots. Your little schooner is fine for a little while, but once you venture beyond the confines of Sainte-Anne, it won’t hold up for long.

Our Skull and Bones copper locations guide points out where to find copper and how to get bronze ingots from it.

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Skull and Bones copper locations

A map showing where to find Skull and Bones' copper locations

There's a lot of copper near a convenient fast-travel location

Copper locations are, similar to other mineral locations, in seemingly random spots around the map. You’ll find copper nodes tucked in rocks in some areas not far from Sainte-Anne, and if you’re working on a blueprint or quest that requires copper, you can track it in your journal and see copper locations show up on your map.

The best place to get copper, and plenty of it, is in a small spot south of the Sacred Tree trading post. The Sacred Tree is maybe a few seconds’ sailing away from copper nodes, and since it counts as a docking location, you can use Skull and Bones' fast travel to get there from any other dock.

There’s a settlement nearby as well, but you can’t actually dock. It’s only there for trading and plundering.

How to get copper in Skull and Bones

A ship is harvesting Skull and Bones' copper from a rock face

Copper blends into the rocks, but there's a sparkle effect that tells you where to look.

Harvesting copper requires a pickaxe, which you’ll have before leaving Sainte-Anne the first time. Approach the copper node, press the harvesting button, and complete the little quick-time event that shows up. Press the button prompt when the pickaxe icon is in the green zone to get more copper, though you’ll sail away with some even if it lands in the yellow.

Copper respawns after a real-world minute or so, so you can come back for more without waiting too long.

Skull and Bones: How to get bronze ingots

Bring your copper back to Sainte-Anne, and speak with the Refiner. She’ll turn it into bronze ingots for a small price. You need three pieces of copper to make one bronze ingot, so it’ll take a fair few copper stacks to get enough ingots for ship upgrades.