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The best Activities in Starfield

Forget the main quests - here are the best miscellaneous Activities in Starfield

Completing all of Starfield’s faction quests is worth it for the awards. The Ryujin and Crimson Fleet questlines in particular are a lot of fun, too. But don’t stop there because there’s loads to see and do outside of the faction quests. If you check your Activities tab, there are a bunch of miscellaneous tasks and errands you can take on across the galaxy.

Activities in Starfield range from taking someone a cup of coffee to multi-part quests where you meet dozens of new characters and unlock meaningful upgrades to your arsenal. Since it’s hard to distinguish between the throwaway and the great, here are Starfield’s best Activities.

Best Activities in Starfield


Here are the best miscellaneous quests in Starfield:

  • The Audition / Display of Power / The Showdown
    • Head to Neon and you can take part in a full-blown gang war between The Strikers and The Disciples. It starts off with you tagging gang signs onto neon billboards, and it ends in a shootout in the middle of the city. Whoever you decide to support, there are some snazzy clothes in it for you.
  • First Contact
    • The first time you head to Paradiso, you’ll find a long-lost colony ship orbiting the planet. The inhabitants claim they own the land, while the owners of the resort believe otherwise. There are a bunch of different ways you can solve the dispute, but they’re all a lot of fun.
  • Fishy Business / Supply Line
    • In Neon, there’s a shopkeeper called Yannick, who sells his own version of an illicit drug, which he calls Blend. Help him to grow his empire by getting a job at Xenofresh, where you’ll learn how to create Aurora.
  • Mantis
    • If you pick up a data slate that gives you a quest called Mantis, beeline straight for it. Not only is this one of the best quests in Starfield, but you get a new ship and some of the best armor in the game. And all you have to do is infiltrate the hideout of Starfield’s own superhero.
  • Groundpounder
    • Mostly a combat mission. What makes this great is how you get to see the UC and Freestar working together for the greater good. Kick this one off in the Altair System – the Research Outpost on U3-09. It’s also a good way to get lots of Digipicks in Starfield.
  • The Red Tape Blues / Runaround / Reclamation
    • One of the first Activities I picked up in Starfield, this mission tasks you with solving a labor dispute on Mars by applying for a job as an executive assistant and hacking terminals to make sure you land it.
  • Juno’s Gambit
    • Juno’s Gambit is one of the rare missions you pick up randomly in space. An Ecliptic ship is having some kind of computer trouble and you have to go onboard and decide how to deal with a rogue AI.
  • Overdesigned
    • Speak to Walter Stroud at The Lodge enough and he’ll eventually task you with helping to design his company’s next ship. The people working on it can’t decide which compromises to make. There’s a free Starfield ship in it for you, so make sure you resolve it in the smartest way possible or you’ll end up with a Homer Simpson car.

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