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Starfield: Neon location and guide

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Finding the Starfield Neon location is just the start of your adventures in Starfield’s grimy, seedy underbelly. Two major industries dominate the planet, a fishery that produces illegal psychedelics and a tech corp that will stop at nothing to get what its executives want. 

There's a suite of shops to throw your credits at, a penthouse for sale, and an Enhance branch in case you want to change your face - but not Starfield traits - and that's just the start.

Neon is packed with quests and people of interest, and in our Starfield Neon guide, we point you to the best ones to start with.

Where is Neon in Starfield?

A yellow circle is positioned around a star system named Alpha Centauri, with a yellow arrow pointing to another circle around Volii.

What system is Neon in Starfield? Neon is in the Volii system. Open your star map, and move the cursor to the right of Alpha Centauri. You’ll cross over Olympus, and eventually land on Volii. Neon itself is on Volii Alpha, which is on the second orbital ring. There’s also a nearby gas giant for a quick and easy scan if you want to pad out your scanner.

You can get to Volii Alpha with an unmodified Frontier – no need to buy a ship or get a free Starfield ship just yet – and Starfield recommends you’re at least level 5 before taking on any of Neon’s tougher quests. There you have it for Starfield - how to get to Neon.

A planet named Volii Alpha is singled out in a small solar system with a large sun at the center

Starfield Neon guide

Neon might look smaller than New Atlantis, but the city is crammed with things to do and places to visit. Neon is divided into three sections and a spaceport:

  • The core
  • The Ebbside
  • The underside, where the Xenofresh employees work

You can pick up your first Neon quest before even entering the city. Neshar, a drug smuggler, gets sent to jail for carrying the psychedelic drug Aurora out of the city, and you can go speak with him later to make sure his package gets delivered to the right person.

A brightly lit sign spells out "Welcome to" in yellow neon lights and "NEON" in garish pink.

If you’re traveling with Sam or Sarah, chat with Sophie, the security agent, and say you’d never smuggle Aurora to get an extra boost to your relationship with either companion.

Starfield Neon Core – Points of interest

The Core’s main point of interest is Ryujin Industries, where you can pick up one of Starfield’s major faction questlines. This area of the city is also home to several shops, most of which have at least one quest of their own. Head inside the security center to speak with Neshar and get the particulars of his quest.

Sieghart’s Outfitters is your average boutique with nothing special, but at The Emporium next door, you can convince the snobby proprietor Tevin to let you deal with a thug who’s threatened the shop. Stand outside near the bridge to pick up an overheard quest as well.

People mill about a crowded street, with a red dragon sign advertising Ryujin Industries next to a bright yellow sign for Sieghart's Outfitters

Rent a room a few times at the Hotel Volii to get a quest from the receptionist and a convenient bed without having to return to your ship. There’s also a Stroud-Ecklund showroom in the Core, and while you won’t get a quest inside, you can buy some luxury ships, if your wallet is deep enough.

There’s another overheard quest at the end of the street facing the giant Bayu statue and a GalBank branch where, if you’re particularly good with a Digipick - get lots of free Digipicks in this Starfield mission - you can rob the unattended ATM kiosks.

The big attraction at this end of the Core is the Astral Lounge and Trade Tower. There’s not much to do at the Trade Tower unless you’ve got a quest directing you inside. The Astral Lounge is Neon’s premier party spot and the only place you can legally buy Aurora, a drug that slows time for 10 seconds. Aurora is an illicit drug, so make sure you know how to sell Contraband in Starfield

People are dancing around a large open floor space in a lounge room lit with deep blues, pinks, and purples.

If you have a few million credits, you can buy a penthouse from the bartender as well.

Ryujin takes up most of the plaza’s opposite end, though you should stop off at the Tactical store and speak with Frank for yet another quest, one that casts the Emporium’s in a less pleasant light.

Starfield Neon - Ebbside

Ebbside is a shadier part of Neon, where rival gangs compete for control over the alleys and byways and innocent citizens get caught in the crossfire. Several quests will take you here, including Neshar’s and the one from the Emporium, and you can head to Madam Sauvage’s if you want to get in the middle of Neon’s gang warfare.

A man wearing a loose blue jacket is standing near a dingy metal wall in a darkly lit alley.

If you enter via the elevator in the Core that's across the street from the trade authority, you can grab another one from the man who warns you away. There’s at least one or two quests you can pick up by lingering around crowds as well, though the timing and location seem random.

Starfield Neon - Underside

A pale blue neon sign illuminates a dank industrial area, with bags of dead fish hanging from the ceiling and a pale smog hovering over everything

Half of the Underside is off-limits until you go there for specific quests. There’s not a lot to do there until then, though if you head to your left past the Trawl shack, you can grab a quest from Katherine who believes her husband was murdered.

If you need more help in your space adventure, check out our Starfield walkthrough and Starfield tips and tricks for beginners.