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Steam Strategy Fest 2023: Best games to get at a discount

Here’s your optimal spending strategy for this sale
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Steam Strategy Fest 2023 is upon us, celebrating everything from turn-based tactics to real-time grand strategy with a bunch of hefty discounts. Many strategy games nowadays follow a model of intense post-launch support with additional DLC, so it’s often best to wait for sales on bundles to dip your toes into the deep waters of a new strategy title – and worry not, this Steam Fest has a lot of interesting offers of this sort on the table.

Here are the best games at Steam Strategy Fest 2023 to get at a discount – and never forget what the wise Sun Tzu said: To defeat an enemy, you need all the new and powerful DLC units, so get your wallet ready.

We’ve got more strategy game content coming up on with our gamescom 2023 coverage, so be sure to check by.