Stellar Blade: All fishing side quests and fish locations

All the locations of every fish you need to catch for Stellar Blade's side quests
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Once you pick up the fishing rod in Stellar Blade, you open up a number of side quests that require you to catch different fish. If you’re struggling to find the fish of your dreams, then we’ve got all the locations and how to complete each quest.

Stellar Blade: Stubbornness side mission and opening up Barry’s shop

Stellar Blade Barry
Talking to Barry starts the Stubbornness side quest. / Sony Interactive Entertainment

Once you have acquired the fishing rod, you’ll have access to a new shop in Xion, which is pretty easy to open. You will find a new mission marker at the very top of the map, where you can find Barry. Talking to them will trigger the Stubbornness side mission, and it’s a very simple one to complete. You can complete it right then by talking to them again, going to their shop, and selling them any three fish. They’re not fussy. 

Stellar Blade Stubbornness side mission complete
Delivering three fish of any kind opens up Barry's shop and many other side missions. / Sony Interactive Entertainment

This will open up the shop here, and a number of other non-fish-related side missions.

Stellar Blade: Where to catch Porcupinefish?

If you go to the bulletin board, you will find the first quest in a long line of fishing quests. The Wife’s Water Tank quest asks you to find a Porcupinefish and hand it in. You can find these in the Oasis where you first picked up the fishing rod. The Porcupinefish is a one-star small fish, so small shrimp is the best bait to use. Return to the bulletin board to hand over your fish and open up the next quest.

Porcupinefish caught in Stellar Blade
The Porcupinefish is a one-star small fish you can catch at Clyde's hut in the Oasis. / Sony Interactive Entertainment

It’s a good idea to pick up the Porcupinefish when you first get your rod, and three other fish to give to Barry while you’re there. In fact, you can catch all small fish in this location, and it won’t hurt to do so for a later quest. When fishing, a one-star fish will have no mark when hooked, and two-star has two exclamation points, and a three-star has three exclamation points. This can help you if you are looking for a specific fish to reel in.

Before you leave, it’s also a good idea to talk to Clyde and purchase the Fishing Research and Advanced Fishing Research from him. If you can’t afford it yet, you can return once you have more fishing points. You will need these before you begin the Fish Research side mission. It will also make fishing easier in general. Here is a list of the small fish to catch:

  • Goldfish – one-star
  • Mudskipper – one-star
  • Betta – two-star
  • Butterflyfish – three-star
  • Porcupinefish – one-star
  • Lobster – one-star

Stellar Blade: Where to catch Channel Catfish?

Stellar Blade small pond in Xion - Channel Catfish location
You will find Channel Catfish in Xion at a small pond near the entrance to the Wasteland. / Sony Interactive Entertainment

Once you have completed Wife’s Water Tank you will open up An Unforgettable Fish Dish at the bulletin board. This one asks you to catch a Channel Catfish, and there are a few places you can pick one up. The easiest place is in Xion, at the small pond located near the entrance to the Wasteland. The Channel Catfish is a one-star medium fish, and prefers the wriggling bait. If you don’t have enough, all bait can be purchased from Clyde at the Oasis.

Channel Catfish in Stellar Blade
The Channel Catfish is a one-star medium fish, and Wriggling Insects are its favorite bait. / Sony Interactive Entertainment

This pond is home to every medium fish in the game, and it’s a good idea to catch them while you are there. Here are the fish to look out for:

  • Flying Fish – one-star
  • Triggerfish – one-star
  • Footballfish – three-star
  • Sea Bass – one-star
  • Mackerel – one-star
  • Red Seabream – three-star
  • Koi – two-star
  • Channel Catfish – one-star
  • Salmon – two-star

Stellar Blade: Where to catch Halibut?

Eidos 7 clock tower in Stellar Blade
Halibut's fishing location is near the clock tower in Eidos 7. / Sony Interactive Entertainment

Our next fishing mission is called Fish Research, and asks you to catch a Halibut. To catch this one you need to go to the small pond near the clock tower in Eidos 7. Fast travel to the Plaza checkpoint, and then go down towards the clock tower.

Stellar Blade small pond in Eidos 7 near the clock tower - Halibut location
This small pond in Eidos 7 is where you can catch Halibut. / Sony Interactive Entertainment

After defeating a few Naytiba there, you should be able to fish in the pond you find. Halibut is a one-star large fish, and you will need fish slice bait if you want to reel it in.

Halibut fish in Stellar Blade
You will need fish slice bait to reel in Halibut. / Sony Interactive Entertainment

You can also catch most of the large fish in this location, so it’s worth hanging around until you have fished up these three:

  • Mahi-Mahi – one-star
  • Halibut – one-star
  • Sailfish – two-star

Stellar Blade: How to find the chest for a fishing maniac?

A Gift for a Fishing Maniac chest location map in Stellar Blade
The location of the chest will be marked on your map. / Sony Interactive Entertainment

After you finish Fish Research, another side mission, A Gift for a Fishing Maniac, will become available on the bulletin board. This one doesn’t require you to catch a specific fish, but it will ask you to find and open up a chest. Its location is marked on your map, and can be found in the northwest corner of the Wastelands. When you go to the location you will see a small opening in the cliff face, which you can enter to find a large lake.

Fishing Maniac chest lake in Stellar Blade
The lake where you will find the chest. / Sony Interactive Entertainment

Dive down into the lake, and use your drone scanner to see the chest you need to open. Once you approach the chest, you need to enter the code 0508. This will give you the last piece of Fishing Research you need. 

Stellar Blade maniac chest
The code to open the chest is 0508. / Sony Interactive Entertainment

While here you will want to fish for the final large fish: the one-star Ocean Sunfish. This will give you the 20 fish required for the Fantastic Bait quest.

Stellar Blade: How to find the Fantastic Bait?

Finishing the A Gift for a Fishing Maniac, you will open the Where is the Fantastic Bait? quest. This is a very long process that requires multiple steps we will talk in-depth about in our full guide. The basics of this quest are that you will need to have caught 20 different kinds of fish and return to Clyde. This will allow you to ask him about Fantastic Bait. Then return to Xion and talk to Roxanne to purchase the information about the Fantastic Bait. This will give you the location of the chest containing the bait, and the passcode to open it.

Roxanne in Stellar Blade
Roxanne will sell you information about the Fantastic Bait. / Sony Interactive Entertainment

The chest is in the abandoned plant in the southeast corner of the Wastelands. Dive down and enter the passcode to open the chest and get the Fantastic Bait. You will only receive one bait, but you can use this one piece of bait infinitely.

Stellar Blade: How to catch a Whale Shark?

Stellar Blade Fantastic Bait
The last fishing mission requires you to catch a Whale Shark with Fantastic Bait. / Sony Interactive Entertainment

Once you have the Fantastic Bait, you’re set to complete the fishing missions. The last mission is The Fish of Legends which will ask you to catch a Whale Shark. You can catch this one by returning to the Oasis and using the Fantastic Bait to fish here. There are two Jumbo fish you can find here are the three-star Whale Shark, and the three-star Dunkleosteus. As mentioned before, the Fantastic Bait is reusable, so if you keep fishing up Dunkleosteus just keep trying, and you’ll eventually get the Whale Shark.

Whale Shark in Stellar Blade
The Whale Shark is found at the Oasis, but you won't be able to catch it without Fantastic Bait. / Sony Interactive Entertainment

Once you return to the bulletin board to complete this quest, you will have completed all of the fishing missions, and be rewarded with the Legendary Fish Badge.

For general pointers to the game, check out our Stellar Blade tips and tricks. We also have a full list of Eve's costumes.

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