Stellar Blade: Fishing guide

How to get the fishing rod and catch fish in Stellar Blade
Stellar Blade fishing guide
Stellar Blade fishing guide / Sony Interactive Entertainment

Many of the side missions in Stellar Blade revolve around fishing, but you don’t start out with the fishing rod or any way to fish. If you want to start collecting fish, and clearing up people’s requests around the world, then here’s how to do it.

How to get the fishing rod in Stellar Blade

Stellar Blade fishing rod location map
Here's the exact location in the Great Desert where you can find the fishing rod. / Sony Interactive Entertainment

The fishing rod and fishing in general aren’t available until you unlock the Great Desert. This is the fourth main area of the game and is unlocked after the midway point. When you enter the Great Desert, you can go straight to the Oasis, which is East of the starting point, but you might want to finish the Reboot! main quest first so that waypoints are available to you.

Stellar Blade screenshot showing Clyde's hut next to the Oasis in the Great Desert
You will find a fishing rod in Clyde's hut next to the Oasis in the Great Desert. / Sony Interactive Entertainment

When you find the Oasis, you will see a wooden hut on one side. Adam will tell you about an old friend, Clyde, who lives there. Clyde will barely talk to you until you pick up the fishing rod, and then he wants you to show him you have the skills. After you pick up the fishing rod you’ll want to equip it.

Stellar Blade weapon wheel with the Fishing Rod selected
Once you pick up the fishing rod, you can quickly switch to it from the equipment wheel. / Sony Interactive Entertainment

Hold down on the D-pad, and then use the right stick to change it to the fishing rod. Then you’re ready to fish.

How to fish in Stellar Blade

Once you have put the fishing rod on down you are ready to fish. Press down to get out your rod, and then flick the left stick while facing the water to cast a line. You should only have to wait a second or two before a fish is on your line and you’re ready to reel it in by pressing R2.

Screenshot showing Eve fishing in Stellar Blade
You reel in a fish by pressing R2 and pushing the left stick in the direction opposite to where the fish is going. / Sony Interactive Entertainment

To reel it in, you have to first angle the left stick in the opposite direction to the way the fish is swimming and mash Square. The fish will likely change direction, so you will need to change direction with it. Sometimes you will enter a different mode where you will hold R2 in the section indicated until the bar fills up. After a few cycles of this, you will be able to hit Triangle and pull your fish in. Once you grab your first fish, make sure you speak to Clyde again to open up his shop.

Porcupinefish caught in Stellar Blade
Catching your first fish and speaking to Clyde again will open his shop. / Sony Interactive Entertainment

The Oasis isn’t the only place where you can fish. There is at least one pool of water in each area of the game, so try fishing whenever you can. You can sell your fish in the market in Xion, or give them to people as part of requests.

For some more general pointers to the game, you can check out our Stellar Blade tips and tricks. We also have a complete list of Eve’s outfits in Stellar Blade.

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