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All Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League voice actors and cast

It’s a star-studded cast

The Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League voice cast is a mix of popular film stars and classic DC actors, with some new talent also debuting in the superhero game. While some, such as The Flash's and Amanda Wallers' actor, reprise roles they've built for years, others are new to the scene and bring with them a long list of accolades across TV and film.

We've listed all the main Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League actors below, including the Squad, the Justice League, and all the heroes and villains in between.

Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League cast and actors

Here's the full list of lead and supporting Kill the Justice League actors.

  • Harley Quinn – Tara Strong
  • King Shark – Nuufolau Joel Seanoa (Samoa Joe)
  • Deadshot – Bumper Robinson
  • Captain Boomerang – Daniel Lapaine
  • Amanda Waller – Debra Wilson
  • Brainiac – Jason Isaacs
  • Lex Luthor - Corey Burton
  • Batman – Kevin Conroy
  • Wonder Woman – Zehra Fazal
  • Green Lantern – Dan White
  • Superman – Nolan North
  • Penguin – Nolan North
  • The Flash – Scott Porter
  • Hack – Omono Okojie
  • Poison Ivy – Darcy Rose Byrnes
  • Rick Flag – Jim Pirri

Tara Strong as Harley Quinn 

Kill the Justice League's Harley Quinn is lying on her side atop metal bars and miming holding a phone to her ear

Tara Strong is no stranger to voicing Harley - and dozens of other characters, for that matter.

Veteran voice actor Tara Strong is lead Squad member Harley Quinn, reprising the role from Rocksteady’s previous Arkham games. Strong also brought a wide range of characters to life, from Timmy Turner in The Fairly Oddparents and Tommy Pickles in Rugrats, to Miss Minute in Loki.

“Samoa Joe” as King Shark 

Wrestling superstar Samoa Joe returns to video game voice acting as King Shark after a long absence. His last acting role outside the WWE was in Telltale’s Game of Thrones adaptation, over 10 years ago.

Bumper Robinson as Deadshot

Larry (Bumper) Robinson II brings a rich background to Rocksteady’s hero game. Robinson voiced Principal Bump in Owl House and Iron Michael in Baki Hanma, and his past games credits include Dr Terrance in Redfall and Benson in Hellboy: Web of Wyrd

Daniel Lapaine as Captain Boomerang

Kill the Justice League's Boomerang stares into the camera with a bemused expression while large purple tentacles weave themselves into a gridlock pattern behind him

Lapaine has a glittering background outside of games.

Australian actor Daniel Lapaine has turned up in Amazon’s award-winning Catastrophe, Death on the Nile alongside David Suchet, The Merchant of Venice, Spy among Friends, and dozens of other high-profile productions, but this is one of just a small handful of his video game roles. Lapaine’s last games credit was in 2011’s Dirt 3.

Debra Wilson as Amanda Waller

Debra Wilson returns as the Squad’s leader, Amanda Waller. Wilson is a prolific actress who’s appeared in games, TV, and film, and if you played Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order or Survivor, you may recognize her as Cere Junda’s voice.

Jason Isaacs as Brainiac

Jason Isaacs voices the villain of the piece, because of course he does. While Isaacs’ career includes roles of all types, including Cary Grant in the recent biopic Archie, it seems we almost always see him as a villain. More recently, he voiced Enver Gortash in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Dan White as Green Lantern

Dan White might be known for his roles on General Hospital and Law and Order, but in the past decade or so, he’s made a name for himself as a voice actor as well. White showed up in Fallout 76 as Solomon Hardy, had a minor role in inFamous 2, and lent his talents to unnamed roles in Far Cry 7 and 2020’s meme game Maneater. Now, he’s bringing Green Lantern to life. Or death, since you have to, y’know, Kill the Justice League.

Kevin Conroy as Batman

Arkham Batman from Kill the Justice League stands in front of Arkham Asylum, bathed in eerie red light

KTJL's Batman is Conroy's penultimate role as the iconic hero.

Longtime Batman actor Kevin Conroy voices the caped crusader once again in Kill the Justice League. He finished recording his lines as Batman in KTJL and one other upcoming DC Universe project before his death in 2023, delivering his iconic gritty performance that defined the character since the 1980s.

Nolan North as Superman

Nolan North’s repertoire includes Modi in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and Hal Jordan in Green Lantern: Behold My Power, but his most frequent role is as Superman and Clark Kent. He’s back in Suicide Squad as the former. Technically the latter as well. Anyway, he’s Superman and also The Penguin.

Zehra Fazal as Wonder Woman

If you keep up with games and animation at all, you’ve probably heard the exceptional Zehra Fazal. She voiced Tassia in Dragon Age Absolution, appeared on Carol and the End of the World, narrated Thirsty Suitors, brought one of your Starfield companions to life, and even has a credit in Bojack Horseman. Now, she’s Wonder Woman in Kill the Justice League

Scott Porter as The Flash

Scott Porter is no stranger to superhero games. He’s appeared in Marvel’s Spider-Man, Injustice 2 as Robin, Star Lord in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, and even Lego DC Super-Villains as Aquaman. This time, he’s reprising his role as The Flash from 2020’s Harley Quinn TV series.