Wuthering Waves: Baizhi build and materials guide

Find the best weapons and Echoes for Baizhi in Wuthering Waves
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Keep your team safe and sound through the power of science and the best Wuthering Waves Baizhi guide. This 4-Star Glacio character is a valuable ally on your journey, providing you with healing and buffs to survive dangerous encounters.

Baizhi’s Resonance Skill, Emergency Plan, summons her creature companion You’tan, dealing Glacio Damage and healing the entire team.

Her Resonance Liberation, Momentary Union, once again heals the entire team and generates four stacks of Remnant Entities, which follow the active character around. Attacks consume Remnant Entities to deal additional Glacio Damage and restore HP to all members of the team.

Baizhi’s Forte enables her to generate Concentration, which she can consume through Heavy Attacks or her Resonance Skill to heal the party and restore Resonance as well as Concerto Energy. 

Her Inherent Skills allow her to heal the team member with the lowest HP through Heavy Attacks and make You’tan create Euphonia, which can be picked up by a character who then receives a bonus to their Attack.

Baizhi’s Intro Skill is an attack that deals Glacio Damage and heals all allies, while her Outro is a heal targeting the swapped-in character. It provides them with a damage bonus to all types, too.

You can further enhance Baizhi by getting duplicates of her and filling out her Resonance Chain. Sequence Node 1 (S1) boosts her Forte’s regeneration of Resonance Energy and S2 bolsters the damage and healing capabilities of her Resonance Skill if she has four Concentration. S3 increases Baizhi’s maximum HP after her Intro, while S4 boosts the power and number of Remnant Entities. S5 enables Baizhi to revive a fallen character with full HP every ten minutes and S6 enhances the effects of Euphonia, adding a Glacio Damage bonus.

Best Baizhi weapons – Wuthering Waves

Baizhi is for all intents and purposes a weaker version of Verina – and one of the areas in which she’s inferior is the field time she requires. You can somewhat mitigate this by equipping her with Variation, a 4-Star rectifier that greatly boosts Energy Regeneration. It will help minimize the time Baizhi needs to have her Resonance Liberation up and running.

Best Baizhi weapons in Wuthering Waves:

  • Variation (4-Star)
  • Comet Flare (4-Star)
  • Rectifier of Voyager (3-Star)
  • Jinzhou Keeper (4-Star)
  • Rectifier#25 (4-Star)
Wuthering Waves Baizhi screenshot.
Baizhi leaves most of the fighting to You'tan. / Kuro Games

Best Baizhi Echoes – Wuthering Waves

Suitable for her role as a healer, Baizhi’s best Sonata Effect is Rejuvenating Glow – it provides additional healing and a teamwide Attack buff. The Bell-Borne Geochelone is a powerful Main Echo for support characters, allowing for the creation of a shield that protects party members, deals Glacio Damage, and contributes a damage buff.

As mentioned, Energy Regeneration is a top concern when it comes to the stats Baizhi wants. In addition, you should aim to raise her Healing Bonus and give her as much HP as you can – don’t bother aiming for offensive stats in her case, as they won’t improve her performance.

Best Baizhi Echoes in Wuthering Waves:

  • Sonata Effect: Rejuvenating Glow (5-Set)
  • Main Echo: Bell-Borne Geochelone

Best Echoes main stats for Baizhi in Wuthering Waves:

  • 4 Cost: Healing Bonus
  • 3 Cost: Energy Regeneration
  • 3 Cost: Energy Regeneration
  • 1 Cost: HP %
  • 1 Cost: HP %

Best Echoes sub stats for Baizhi in Wuthering Waves:

  • Energy Regeneration, HP %, HP, Defense %, Defense
Wuthering Waves Baizhi screenshot.
Baizhi is one of the most important characters for your team when you start the game. / Kuro Games

Best Baizhi teams – Wuthering Waves

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, but Baizhi fills the same niche as Verina in being a healer and support, though she does everything a little bit worse than the 5-Star character. Still, this makes her the second-best Resonator of this role in the game and a valuable member for pretty much any team that can’t have Verina.

  • Encore (Main DPS), Sanhua (Hybrid), Baizhi (Support)

This example team is centered around Encore, who is being buffed by Sanhua. Baizhi can keep the team healthy and provide offensive boosts to both Encore and Sanhua, helping the party deal a little more damage.

Wuthering Waves screenshot of Baizhi shaking her hair.
Baizhi is a useful addition to pretty much any team in the game. / Kuro Games

Baizhi ascension materials – Wuthering Waves

Once Baizhi has joined your team, you’ll want to level her up as quickly as possible, for which you’ll require the following materials:

  • LF Howler Core x4
  • MF Howler Core x12
  • HF Howler Core x12
  • FF Howler Core x4
  • Sound-Keeping Tacet Core x46
  • Lanternberry x60
  • Shell Credits x170,000

Howler Cores drop from many of the Tacet Discords roaming the map. Sound-Keeping Tacet Cores can only be obtained from challenging Lampylumen Myriad under the Tiger Maw Mine, which is the same area where Lanternberry can be found – check the Lanternberry locations guide for a detailed walkthrough. The best source of Shell Credits is the Simulation Challenge you can tackle at the Training Ground in Jinzhou.

In addition to leveling Baizhi up, you’ll need to upgrade all of her skills. For this, you’ll need the following materials:

  • LF Howler Core x25
  • MF Howler Core x28
  • HF Howler Core x40
  • FF Howler Core x57
  • Lento Helix x25
  • Adagio Helix x28
  • Andante Helix x55
  • Presto Helix x67
  • Monument Bell x26
  • Shell Credits x20,300,000

For the materials already mentioned, check above. Helixes can be farmed in the Forgery Challenge: Misty Forest, which you can enter from the Guidebook, or purchased from Uncle Wei in Jinzhou in limited quantities. Monument Bells are dropped by the Bell-Borne Geochelone found in the Gorges of Spirit, which is perfect since you’ll want to defeat this boss and absorb its Echo anyways.

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