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Find the best weapons and Echoes for Sanhua in Wuthering Waves
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Stand steadfast and loyal with the best Wuthering Waves Sanhua build and become a stalwart defender of Jinzhou. This 4-Star Glacio Resonator is a potent hybrid character with solid DPS and capabilities of boosting her team, requiring little field time. Since she’s available through the game’s first login event, many players should have access to her.

Sanhua’s Resonance Skill, Eternal Frost, slashes the area in front of her and creates an Ice Prism on the ground, dealing Glacio Damage.

Her Resonance Liberation deals Glacio Damage in the area of effect and creates one Glacier.

Sanhua’s Forte Circuit allows her to activate a special Heavy Attack called Detonate when you hold the Basic Attack button down and move your cursor. Release the button when the cursor has reached the Frostbite area to trigger Detonate. Detonate causes all Ice Thorns, Ice Prisms, and Glaciers to explode, dealing Glacio Damage based on Resonance Skill Damage. Frostbite will be easier to trigger the more stacks of Frostbite you’ve gathered.

Both of Sanhua’s Inherent Skills bolster her Resonance Skill and Forte’s damage. Her Intro Skill creates one Ice Thorn, while her Outro boosts the next character’s Basic Attack Damage.

Getting duplicates of Sanhua allows you to fill out her Resonance Chain, which powers her up even more. Sequence Node 1 (S1) allows Sanhua to increase her own Critical Rate after a full Basic Attack combo, S2 reduces the Stamina needed to trigger Detonate. S3 boosts Sanhua’s damage against targets below a certain HP threshold. S4 allows Resonance Liberation to get some Resonance Energy back and enhance the damage of Detonate. S5 boosts her Forte’s Critical Damage and makes it so that Ice Thorn, Ice Prism, and Glacier explode automatically. Finally, S6 buffs the entire party’s Attack after Ice Prism or Glacier burst.

Best Sanhua weapons – Wuthering Waves

Providing sizable Attack and Critical Rate boosts as well as solid Energy Regeneration, Emerald of Genesis is the best sword choice for Sanhua – if you want to allocate a 5-Star weapon to one of your 4-Star characters.

Best Sanhua weapons in Wuthering Waves:

  • Emerald of Genesis (5-Star)
  • Lunar Cutter (4-Star)
  • Commando of Conviction (4-Star)
  • Lumingloss (4-Star)
  • Sword of Night (3-Star)
Wuthering Waves screenshot of Sanhua in battle.
Sanhua only needs a little bit of time on the field. / Kuro Games

Best Sanhua Echoes – Wuthering Waves

Sanhua requires minimum field time, essentially only coming out to put down an Ice Thorn, Ice Prism, and Glacier, detonate them, and provide the next character with her Outro Skill’s buff. This is why you’ll want to maximize her Energy Regeneration with the Moonlit Clouds Sonata Effect, which provides a further boost to swapped-in characters as well. Impermanence Heron as the Main Echo strikes the same vein, contributing additional Resonance Energy to help with rotation speed and stacking another damage boost onto the next character coming online.

Energy Regeneration is crucial for Sanhua, as you always want her Resonance Liberation to be up as quickly as possible when it’s her turn on the field. A weapon with the stat as well as Moonlit Clouds as the Sonata Effect should be enough to facilitate this in combination with sub stats, but if you’re struggling with Sanhua’s Energy budget then don’t hesitate to slot in a 3 Cost Echo with Energy Regeneration as a main stat.

Best Sanhua Echoes in Wuthering Waves:

  • Sonata Effect: Moonlit Clouds (5-Set)
  • Main Echo: Impermanence Heron

Best Echoes main stats for Sanhua in Wuthering Waves:

  • 4 Cost: Critical Rate or Critical Damage
  • 3 Cost: Glacio Damage
  • 3 Cost: Glacio Damage or Energy Regeneration
  • 1 Cost: Attack %
  • 1 Cost: Attack %

Best Echoes sub stats for Sanhua in Wuthering Waves:

  • Energy Regeneration, Critical Rate, Critical Damage, Attack %, Resonance Liberation Damage
Wuthering Waves Sanhua screenshot.
Sanhua is a taciturn guardian with a unique eye condition allowing her to see resonances. / Kuro Games

Best Sanhua teams – Wuthering Waves

Sanhua is a solid Sub DPS pick for teams with a Main DPS relying on their Basic Attacks.

  • Encore (Main DPS), Sanhua (Hybrid), Verina (Support)

Encore checks all the boxes for a partnership with Sanhua, as she demands a lot of field time and most of her damage comes from Basic Attack combos. You quickly go through Sanhua’s rotation to set things up for Encore, who can use all those juicy damage buffs to wreak havoc. As usual, Verina is your best option for supporting and healing with Baizhi being the alternative.

Aside from Encore, Lingyang and the Havoc-version of Rover are other Main DPS characters who greatly benefit from Sanhua’s kit.

Wuthering Waves Sanhua screenshot.
Sanhua is on a level with Mortefi as a Sub DPS, though they serve different clients. / Kuro Games

Sanhua ascension materials – Wuthering Waves

Once Sanhua has joined your team, you’ll want to level her up as quickly as possible, for which you’ll require the following materials:

  • LF Whisperin Core x4
  • MF Whisperin Core x12
  • HF Whisperin Core x12
  • FF Whisperin Core x4
  • Sound-Keeping Tacet Core x46
  • Wintry Bell x60
  • Shell Credits x170,000

Whisperin Cores drop from many of the Tacet Discords roaming the map. Sound-Keeping Tacet Cores can only be obtained from challenging Lampylumen Myriad, the boss living underground at Tiger Maw Mine. Wintry Bells exclusively grow in the Tolling Stream. The best source of Shell Credits is the Simulation Challenge you can tackle at the Training Ground in Jinzhou.

In addition to leveling Sanhua up, you’ll need to upgrade all of her skills. For this, you’ll need the following materials:

  • LF Whisperin Core x25
  • MF Whisperin Core x28
  • HF Whisperin Core x40
  • FF Whisperin Core x57
  • Inert Metallic Drip x25
  • Reactive Metallic Drip x28
  • Polarized Metallic Drip x55
  • Heterized Metallic Drip x67
  • Unending Destruction x26
  • Shell Credits x20,300,000

For the materials already mentioned, check above. Reactive Metallic Drip and its derivatives can be farmed in the Forgery Challenge: Flaming Remnants, which you can enter from the Guidebook, or purchased from Uncle Wei in Jinzhou in limited quantities. Unending Destruction is obtained from Scar.

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