Wuthering Waves Lanternberry locations guide

Find the ascension material for Jianxin and Baizhi
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Among the ascension materials required to unlock the full potential of some playable Wuthering Waves characters is a fruit called Lanternberry. As the name suggests, this plant’s fruits vaguely look like round lanterns, giving off a slight glow.

Ascension materials are resources needed to raise the maximum level of your Resonators – as you can imagine, you’ll need to go through this process to enable yourself to tackle more difficult challenges and battles as you progress through the game. Lanternberry is required to ascend a duo of important characters: Jianxin, a 5-Star character with fantastic versatility, and Baizhi, the most easily accessible healer in the game.

This Wuthering Waves Lanternberry locations guide will show you where to find the material in an efficient manner.

Wuthering Waves: Lanternberry locations

Wuthering Waves Lanternberry locations map.
The two red routes run along the surface, the golden one is underground. / Kuro Games

Lanternberry is found exclusively around Hukou, the Tiger’s Maw – that’s the vast mine south of Jinzhou City. Even knowing its general area, the resource can still be a little annoying to gather, as it primarily grows underground or on cliffsides. We recommend thoroughly exploring the area and activating all the waypoints for fast travel here in order to efficiently harvest Lanternberry.

Begin at the main Resonance Nexus and check the eastern cliffside for Lanternberry. Return to the Nexus and head south, where some of the plants grow inside the mine. Jump down to the second level a bit further south and head into the cavern found there to get some more fruits.

Next, teleport over to the eastern waypoint above the ground and claim all the Lanternberry growing in its vicinity. Jump and glide below the platform in the northeast of the maw to find even more resources.

Finally, teleport to the waypoint underground and follow the cave system north to collect a bunch more Lanternberry – this is by far the most annoying part of the route, as you need to navigate a river and some crevasses.

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