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In The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom there are a number of requests which require you to pull a wagon using your horse. This includes a number of Korok quests that ask you to transport them to their friends, and the Great Fairy quests, which you will need to complete before you can upgrade your armor.

Before you attempt any of this, you will first need to catch and register a horse or transfer your horses over from Breath of the Wild. If you don’t think your horses are up to the job, we have guides on how to capture the best horses and how to upgrade your horse if you’ve already grown attached.

How to get the towing harness – Zelda TotK

Before you can attach your horse to a wagon, you will first need a towing harness. This is given to you at any stable in exchange for three Pony Points. You will earn one Pony Point for every stable you visit, but you can also get them for other tasks like registering new horses. If you need more Pony Points then you can check out our guide on all Stable locations.


How to attach a horse to a wagon – Zelda TotK

Once you have the towing harness, you can attach it to your horse. If you have your horse with you, talk to the receptionist and select ‘Customize horse’ to attach the harness.