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The Lucky Clover Gazette is Hyrule’s best news source in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, and you’ll see many Hylians reading the newspaper in stables and towns who will be happy to share the latest stories with Link.

Apart from being a valuable source of tips throughout your adventure, the paper and, more specifically, its headquarters is the starting point of the Potential Princess Sightings! side questline, in which you’ll be looking for newsy details about Princess Zelda over a dozen smaller quests.

Going to the Lucky Clover Gazette is also a necessary step to unlock the first of the Great Fairies during the Serenade to a Great Fairy quest.

In this guide, we will pinpoint the exact location of the Lucky Clover Gazette in Tears of the Kingdom, help you start the Potential Princess Sightings! side adventure, and give you an overview of the rewards for each quest you do with Penn.

Lucky Clover Gazette location - TotK

The Lucky Clover Gazette headquarters are located in the former Rito Stable, just in front of Rito Village, to the northwest of Lookout Landing, in the Hebra region.


How to start the Lucky Clover Gazette quests - TotK

Once you get to Lucky Clover Gazette, you will find Penn, the reporter you first met at Lookout Landing, and Traysi, the newspaper’s editor.


Lucky Clover Gazette quest rewards - TotK

The big reward for completing all side quests in the adventure is the Froggy armor set, which provides Link with full slip resistance, allowing you to climb slippery surfaces, including cliffs in rainy weather.