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The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom tasks players with undertaking a huge variety of quests, but some are more simple than others. During your grand task to awake all of the Great Fairies of Hyrule, you’ll also need to escort musicians to the Great Fairies in question.

Yes, each Great Fairy needs to hear some music before emerging into the world – and upgrading your armor – so you will need to work with the Stable Trotters to get everything working. In this guide we’re breaking down the simple steps you need to complete the Serenade to Mija quest.

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Serenade to Mija, waking the Snowfield Stable Great Fairy – Zelda TOTK

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Once you’ve completed the Hornist’s Dramatic Escape quest you will be able to find the horn player reunited with the Stable Trotters at Snowfield Stable – check our all Stable locations guide for more on that.

They have a little problem though – they can’t get their cart to the Great Fairy without getting snowed on. Seems like a minor problem to me, but okay.

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Take a large piece of wood from the nearby Hyrule Restoration Materials deposit, and use Ultrahand to attach it to the roof of the Stable Trotters’ wagon. That really is all you need to do.

Once the roof is on, talk to Maesto and attach the wagon to a horse with towing harness and take them up to the Great Fairy. Easy!