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Every now and then, a game comes from nowhere and takes everyone by surprise. Blight: Survival is just that. 

Described as an action horror roguelite (that means you can die and lose all your stuff) for up to four players in co-op, the game sees you play as a knight in the midst of a zombie outbreak in an alternate 14th century. 

The trailer opens with the player smashing a shield straight through a zombie's face, so get yourself ready for some hyper-violence before you press play on the video below. 

It seems like it will have a similar structure to games such as Dark Souls, with offering shrines acting as checkpoints while you're exploring the vast landscape. 

Weapons shown so far include shields, swords, daggers, bows, and spearing zombies like a WWE hall of famer. 

As well as zombies, you'll be dealing with human enemies. 

Since the humans seemingly travel in large groups and are more capable fighters than the zombies, you're also able to use stealth to bypass them. The trailer shows the player crawling on their belly to get by one patrol. 

Don't worry about the armor not making any noise while he's snaking across the floor, it's just a game. Saying that, some of the animations look super polished for an indie game that's still in alpha testing. 

Here are the selling points on the game's Steam page: 

  • Fight, with up to three friends, your way through both men and monsters in a violent co-op action experience.
  • Pillage and loot the spoils of those less fortunate, but remember - what has been found can once again be lost.
  • Choose between a large selection of weapons, armor and customize them to best suit your playstyle.
  • Explore the war-ravaged lands in a huge map filled with secrets and plenty of coin to be found.

There's no release date for Blight: Survival yet, but you can wishlist it on Steam. If you can't wait, why not check out our list of the best survival horror games