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EA just dropped some of the best RTS games ever on Steam at bargain price

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Craving some good, old-fashioned real-time strategy fun? Then Electronic Arts (EA) just dropped a massive present for you on Steam in the form of the Command & Conquer Ultimate Collection, a bundle containing not one, two, or three, but 17 classic RTS games from Westwood.

Want to know the best thing about it? The Command & Conquer Ultimate Collection is 50% off on Steam right now, so not only can you finally purchase these iconic games on the platform, it’s cheaper than your average movie ticket these days. Including entries from Generals, Red Alert, and Tiberium Wars, which make up the vast and a little unhinged universe of C&C, this is a RTS fan’s dream package. It’s not just strategy enthusiasts getting their fill, though: This bundle even contains Command & Conquer: Renegade, the unique hybrid between RTS and FPS game.

Command & Conquer Ultimate Collection bundle poster.

It's time to dive back into the Golden Age of RTS.

While the classic games won’t support Steam multiplayer, work has been done on them to make them compatible with modern systems, allowing you to enjoy them without issues on your newer PCs. Furthermore, EA has released the classic map editors Final Sun and Final Alert, which can be used to create even more content for some of the games.

In a message to the Command & Conquer community, EA’s Jim Vessella described how “a dedicated strike team” has worked on this project for a while as part of a greater push inside EA to bring more classic games from the publisher’s library to Steam. This led to improvements “like better compatibility for modern operating systems and additional supported languages” not just for the new bundle on Steam, but also the available versions of these games on EA’s own store.

Command & Conquer is one of the most iconic RTS franchises in video game history and many titles among the list of upcoming strategy games have been inspired by its mechanics and looks. Fusing slick RTS gameplay with downright wild campaign narratives and cutscenes, which have Hollywood stars like J.K. Simmons, George Takei, and Jonathan Pryce give it the best cheese they’ve got, every C&C game is an unforgettable experience. This makes the Ultimate Collection a trip through time in several ways – go play Red Alert and then come back, you’ll find that remark hilarious. Maybe.