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The Dead Space Remake trophy list has gone live ahead of the game’s Jan. 27, 2023, and it suggests the horror game will feature an alternate ending not seen in the original. TrueTrophies spotted the new addition (and TheGamer first spotted their find), and there’s no ambiguity about the new ending’s existence.

The trophy name is Reunion, and you unlock it by seeing “the alternate ending on any difficulty mode.” The ending of the original Dead Space and the name of the trophy raise some interesting possibilities about what might happen to the unfortunate hero Isaac Clarke and a certain character who features prominently – and disturbingly – before the credits roll.

Whether it’s only a slight tweak or significantly alters the story, perhaps leading into a Dead Space 2 remake, remains to be seen. There’s also no indication of how to actually obtain the alternate ending yet. Considering some of the game's trophies, including the platinum, are locked behind completing it on several difficulty modes, though, it's nice to know we can at least see the new ending without too much hardship.

The Dead Space Remake releases on Jan. 27, 2023, for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S. If you fancy a space game without as much dismemberment, check out our roundup of the best space games you can play right now.