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EA FC 24 TOTY 12th Man leaks: all winners

EA loves democracy
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The EA FC 24 TOTY 12th Man vote is currently underway, but it seems like things have already been decided in the background – it turns out that your vote may count for less than you thought it did. Alternatively, the voting has been so one-sided up to this point that the developers simply accepted the inevitable and finalized the result ahead of time.

Whatever the case may be exactly, the result is that our usual cadre of reliable Ultimate Team leakers – among them Fut Sheriff – have already leaked the EA FC 24 TOTY 12th Man winners. Plural on that, since we’re going to get a 12th Man and 12th Woman this year.

Take this with a grain of salt, as always, but at this point it’s difficult not to take these sources at their word – their track record is almost spotless.

EA FC 24 TOTY 12th Man leaks: winner

Cristiano Ronaldo in EA Sports FC 24.

This screenshot contains more people than the average Saudi league game has audience members.

It’s not a huge surprise that Cristiano Ronaldo seems to be the EA FC 24 TOTY 12th Man – though his nomination for the position was controversial given that he’s playing in the Saudi Arabian league, which is regarded as pretty low-class, his unending legions of fans will have ensured his victory with their votes.

EA FC 24 TOTY 12th Woman leaks: winner

Katharina Popp in EA Sports FC 24.

VfL Wolfsburg's Katharina Popp narrowly missed out on making it into TOTY proper.

Competition seemed to be a lot more open among the women with three deserving candidates. Ultimately it looks like the German nominee, Katharina Popp, was chosen by the players and EA to join the Team of the Year as the EA FC 24 TOTY 12th Woman.

We’ll find out about the vote’s results in an official capacity before the end of the week in any case and we'll keep you updated in case things change around before that time.