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EA FC 24 TOTY Honorable Mentions: start date and leaks

Check out which players get Team of the Year participation trophies
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The Team of the Year promo, TOTY for short, is in full swing at the moment and will reach its zenith in the next couple of days when all TOTY cards become available in Ultimate Team.

This includes the return of Honorable Mentions, a type of TOTY card that basically functions as a participation trophy for some of the nominees that didn’t make it into the squad or gather enough votes to become the 12th Man. That said, these are still upgraded items that can come with an array of useful attributes and strong stats.

Here’s everything you need to know about the EA FC 24 TOTY Honorable Mentions start date and leaks.

EA Sports FC 24 Team of the Year card designs on a blue background.

EA FC 24 TOTY is climbing to its zenith.

EA FC 24 TOTY Honorable Mentions: start date

Though not officially confirmed, January 26, 2024, 10am PT / 1pm ET / 6pm GMT / 7pm CET looks like the most probable EA FC 24 TOTY Honorable Mentions start date. Traditionally, this part of Team of the Year begins a week after the full squad’s reveal. Given that EA FC 24 has followed the playbook of previous iterations closely and there is no reason to divert from this course now, we expect the Honorable Mentions to get into the fray this Friday.

We’ll update this post once the official confirmation is out or there’s been a change of plans, as usual.

EA FC 24 TOTY Honorable Mentions: leaks

You know the drill by now if you’ve followed EA FC 24 TOTY at all – leakers like FUT Sheriff must have a direct line to EA Sports, given their amazing reliability and track record when it comes to leaking upcoming content.

Here are all EA FC 24 TOTY Honorable Mentions leaks we know about:

  • Federico Valverde – Real Madrid
  • Vinicíus Jr. – Real Madrid
  • Trent Alexander-Arnold – Liverpool FC
  • Mohamed Salah – Liverpool FC
  • Harry Kane – FC Bayern München
  • Bernardo Silva – Manchester City
  • Kim Min Jae – FC Bayern München
  • Estefanía Banini – Atlético Madrid
  • Olga Carmona – Real Madrid
  • William Saliba – Arsenal FC

We’ll keep you posted on any further updates. As always, a warning not to take these leaks as officially confirmed, because they are not – EA can always change its plans last minute.