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FromSoftware’s latest update to its massive open-world RPG is good news for ray tracing and bad news for Elden Ring’s bosses. As Twitter user Catalystz and others discovered, the update introduces a small bug that lets players stack the Jellyfish Shield’s special ability seemingly without end.

The Jellyfish Shield’s Contagious Fury skill, which grants you a 20 percent attack buff, only works once for a short while. Players would equip the shield as a two-handed item, use the skill, then swap it to the right hand and use it again to double the buff and take down bosses from a distance with throwing knives or other ranged weapons.

The new Elden Ring bug lets you continue stacking that buff until you feel like stopping. Catalystz showed it in action against Mohg, one of the game’s more challenging bosses in normal circumstances thanks to an annoying quirk that requires you to use a certain item to block a blood draining attack.

Catalystz starts with a buff from the Commander’s Standard weapon before stacking the Jellyfish Shield buff a few times. A quick immobilizing spell and one hammer smash later, and Mohg is down for good. The whole thing took less than 30 seconds.

FromSoft has been pretty efficient about addressing imbalances such as this, nerfing weapons and skills like the Icerind Hatchet when they seemed too strong, so if you’re keen to try it for yourself, make sure to do it soon.