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The Elden Ring DLC has been added to Steam’s backend

FromSoftware is getting ready to move
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It’s been rather quiet around the upcoming Elden Ring DLC, Shadow of the Erdtree, ever since the expansion was announced on the open-world RPG’s first anniversary. Things seem to be on the move now, however: Spotted by eagle-eyed ResetEra user zeta50 via SteamDB, it looks like developer FromSoftware has added a new piece of content to the DLC section for Elden Ring in Steam’s backend.

While changes in the backend happen all the time, this is the first new item that was assigned to the DLC section, which features all paid content for the game, such as pre-order items. The free content expansions for the game, such as the big Colosseum Update, are not found there. This is a pretty hefty hint at the item in question being Shadow of the Erdtree.

Elden Ring expansion artwork.

It looks like we'll get more info on Shadow of the Erdtree soon.

If you need another one, then we’ve got it: SteamDB also shows a new item with the “CD Key” billing type having been added, listed with the regular edition of Elden Ring as well as the Deluxe Edition, marking it out to be a purchasable piece of content with its own product key.

Late last year, producer Yasuhiro Kitano said that “there is still quite a bit of work to be done” on the DLC, “but it's going well,” during an awards ceremony in Japan.

Everything we know about the DLC still comes from the artwork FromSoftware initially used to announce the expansion, showing a bleeding Erdtree on the horizon. In the foreground, a long-haired blonde human can be seen riding a horse and observing the spectacle from afar. An array of ghostly shades surround the mysterious rider. Foggy ruins dot the landscape between the two points of interest.

Naturally, fans have interpreted this piece of art in a myriad of ways in the meantime, since there is little else to do while we’re waiting for any official news. That waiting time, it seems, might not continue for all too much longer. With the Elden Ring DLC being added to Steam’s backend, we may be looking at an announcement of pre-orders and a release date in the near future – it may all center on the game’s second anniversary on February 25, 2024.