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GeoGuessr is a relaxing browser game you can play any time and will put your geography knowledge to the test. The concept has since been used by fans of many different fictional worlds to create their own GeoGuessr-style games. One popular offshoot is Fortnite GeoGuessr, which lets the players guess locations on the battle royale island from different versions of the game, which does a great job of showcasing how things changed over time.

The Lands Between, the setting of open-world RPG Elden Ring, are next on the list. Reddit user TheEdenChild presented their own GeoGuessr-style game set in Elden Ring’s world on the online forum (thanks, Eurogamer).

Getting all the necessary data for the project was no easy feat, as TheEdenChild describes: “We were able to capture over 8000 locations in the overworld of Elden Ring. We captured hundreds of thousands of raw images, before stitching them together to create the 360 degree panoramas."

TheEdenChild and their friend, who both worked on the project, also added “custom settings, leaderboards, and multiplayer support” as well as a satellite map of the areas, so this really is a full-fledged package.

Just like in actual GeoGuessr you’ll be tossed into a random place in The Lands Between and have to figure out where the hell you landed. At least there are no monsters that can attack you while you try to orientate yourself, unlike in Elden Ring. With its fantastic visuals and imaginative landscapes, Elden Ring’s world certainly is a great candidate for a game like this.

You can try the Elden Ring GeoGuessr-like out for yourself here. If you need tips for the actual Elden Ring adventure, try our boss guide.