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Some fans are growing increasingly displeased with Overwatch 2’s Mercy situation in competitive ranks and want Blizzard to nerf the hero. While you could feasibly write “Fans of X are mad about Y,” fill in the blanks with almost anything, and it could be accurate on any given day, the Mercy pushback is a bit different, as it highlights growing pains for players and the multiplayer game alike.

The problem, as some fans see it, is that Mercy is too good when played as a “pocket,” a term used when a healer sticks to just one ally and no one else. That might seem like a normal and good strategy, in a game where keeping your tank or strongest DPS alive makes the difference between survival and complete defeat. Mercy is a bit different, though. She can alternate between a healing beam and one that boosts an ally’s damage.

Popular Overwatch 2 streamer Eskay said on Twitter that playing against Mercy just isn’t fun, especially when she turns characters such as Pharah and Sojourn into one-hit-kill machines capable of defeating an entire team.

Mercy’s damage boost posed a less substantial problem in the first Overwatch, where both teams had two tanks. One tank could block damage, while the other flanked and defeated Mercy. With only one tank per team now, the situation is a bit more challenging – especially if the buffed opponent has good aim. Blizzard made Mercy slightly weaker in Overwatch 2 by nerfing her resurrection ability so it only targets one ally, but it’s evidently not enough for some.

Eskay’s post racked up 8,000 likes, and fans took the discussion to Reddit the next day, debating at length in the Competitive Overwatch subreddit why Mercy needed to be changed. Most agreed her damage boost was too good. Others said she actually needs buffs to stay competitive in Overwatch 2’s 5-v-5 matches, where damage and mobility are key. 

Yet a few said this is exactly where Mercy should be and argued that Blizzard’s changes in Overwatch 2 make her more useful and force players to develop new strategies to deal with her.

Blizzard is planning changes for other heroes in upcoming updates, including Sombra and Moira. Whether Mercy is unbalanced or fans just need more time to grow accustomed to her new role in Overwatch 2, there’s no indication that the team plans to nerf her in the near future.