Fear the Spotlight is Blumhouse’s first horror game

And it looks pretty good
Blumhouse/Cozy Game Pals

Blumhouse, makers of campy hits M3egan and Five Nights at Freddy’s, among others, announced their first horror game during Day of the Devs: Fear the Spotlight, developed by Cozy Game Pals. It might have the Blumhouse name on it, but the camp is dialed down in favor of something a bit more traditionally scary.

It starts with a seance. Two young high schoolers grab a Ouija board and decide to hold a ritual in their school after dark, where surely nothing could go wrong. Well, it does – big time. Amy, the leader of the expedition, goes missing, presumably abducted by whatever evil entities the two summoned.  Viv is left trying to find a way home, ideally with Amy by her side – assuming Amy isn’t behind the attempts on Viv’s life.

Leaving school sounds easy, but the building isn’t quite the way Viv remembered it. Foul beings from beyond the veil stalk its halls, classrooms and corridors are twisted versions of their old selves, and nowhere is safe for long.

Blumhouse describes Fear the Spotlight as “a creepy love letter to the classic 90s horror experience.” That;s a pretty broad description, admittedly, but if the puzzles in Fear the Spotlight are anything to go by, it seems like Cozy Game Pals and Blumhouse have the likes of Silent Hill, Alone in the Dark, and retro Resident Evil in mind. Amy manipulates mannequin hands, finds riddles in video tapes, and does whatever she can to avoid the malevolent spotlights shining forth from the monsters who stalk the school’s halls.

Fear the Spotlight will launch on PC and consoles, including Nintendo Switch, sometime later in 2024.

Josh Broadwell