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FIFA 23 Homegrown Eleven Token Swaps challenge called “pay-to-win”

Players furious about “impossible” Future Stars Swaps challenge
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It’s the final hours of FIFA 23’s Team of the Year promo, otherwise known as TOTY, but the next big and exciting content wave is already waiting: FIFA 23 Future Stars. This promo is all about the upcoming generation of top players and contains heavily upgraded cards.

Future Stars also features a Token Swaps program, which has already begun: Players can earn up to 30 FIFA 23 Future Stars Swaps Tokens by completing challenges in the game, which can in turn be traded for valuable rewards such as additional cards or packs.

What is the FIFA 23 Homegrown Eleven Future Stars Swaps challenge?

Poster for FIFA 23 Future Stars.

FIFA 23 Future Stars is coming, but a Token Swaps challenge makes players furious.

While Token Swaps is a feature the community has wholly embraced, one of the challenges for Future Stars has players up in arms – Homegrown Eleven is being touted as “impossible” and “pay-to-win” by many members of the FIFA 23 community.

To complete Homegrown Eleven and earn a FIFA 23 Future Stars Swaps Token, you need to win seven out of a dozen matches in the Homegrown Eleven Online Friendly game mode. So far, so easy, right? Here’s the catch: This game mode forces you to use 18 first-owned players, which means that athletes you got from the transfer market are not eligible to participate.

Since you can only use cards you earned from challenges or pulled out of packs, players claim that using real money to buy additional packs provides a critical advantage, as those with more packs will have a larger pool of available athletes to choose from for their team. Winning against such squads is deemed “impossible” with a team that did not receive any investment of real currency.

The conditions of the game mode also make it rather awkward for players who have sold most of their first-owned cards on the transfer market – it’s possible that some users don’t actually have enough players meeting the requirements to compete in the mode, which is frustrating for sure.

So far, EA has not made a move to change the challenge in any way.