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Rumors of Epic Games working on a Fortnite first-person mode behind the scenes are swirling once again, and this time, they actually have a release date. Just over a month after dataminers found evidence of a first-person mode in the battle royale's update files, leakers HypeX, Shiina, and iFireMonkey say their sources believe Epic will launch Fortnite first-person mode in the next season.

Epic said Fortnite’s current season will end on March 8, 2023, so we don’t have long to wait to find out if this is true. It’s also unclear whether Epic will implement dedicated first-person lobbies, as they did for no-build mode, or if the feature is something players can toggle on and off in a regular match. HypeX said the leaked source code suggests it’s an optional setting, though they aren’t completely certain.

Fans have long requested a first-person mode in Epic’s sandbox shooter, which, despite having weapons similar to the arsenals of more dedicated shooters like Call of Duty, has remained a third-person game with limited aiming options.

The same leaks originally pointed to a wanted system similar to what Grand Theft Auto uses, though none of the leakers mentioned whether that would be part of the upcoming season.