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HoYoverse is in an announcement mood today. After releasing a brilliant story trailer for Fontaine, the upcoming region of Genshin Impact and next chapter of the RPG’s epic story, the studio has revealed more details around three characters joining the playable roster in the future – likely with update 4.0 in August 2023.

Lyney, Lynette, and Freminet all seem to be siblings, though only Lyney and Lynette wear outfits that look similar. We’ve seen both of them in the trailer released earlier today already – they are stage performers and excite the audience with magic tricks. Freminet could be the person from the start of the trailer, who ominously sinks deeply into the dark sea. That person wore a sort of diving suit and Freminet seems to be equipped with diving equipment as well – an oxygen tank, by the looks of it.

Genshin Impact Lyney artwork.
Genshin Impact Lynette artwork.
Genshin Impact Freminet artwork.

We don’t know who among the three will be ranked as 5-star or 4-star characters, but the odds are great that you’ll get to pull for them (as well as meet them in the story) with update 4.0’s release in August.