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Genshin Impact 4.1 features anniversary rewards, but sends you to prison

We’ll finally see what Arlecchino is cooking
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The Genshin Impact 4.1 update, named To the Stars Shining in the Depths, will be released on September 27, 2023, and continues the main story arc around Fontaine, the region introduced with the current version. Fontaine will be enlarged in the coming patch, with the Fortress of Meropide and several floating bodies of water expanding the northern frontier of the Hydro state.

According to the trailer, which you can watch below, things will really heat up in the coming patch:

It looks like Neuvillette will press some fake charges against the Traveler to enable them to get inside the Fortress of Meropide, Fontaine’s infamous prison, and uncover what’s going on here. Wriothesley, the commander of Meropide, joins Neuvillette on the update 4.1 character banners as a new 5-Star character and will seemingly play a large role in this arc.

The highly anticipated debut of Arlecchino seems to fall into this version as well: We hear her speak to Focalors, the Hydro Archon. It looks like we’ll finally get to know what she’s been up to, especially as Lyney and his Fatui family seem to be involved as well.

Focalors seems hard-pressed at some point in the story, begging for her life – while it’s implied she’s talking to Arlecchino, this may well be misdirection, just like how a few cuts in the trailer for 4.0 made the story seem different than it ended up being. There is a lot to look forward to as the drama in Fontaine progresses.

Don’t worry, though, it’s not just all drama and being imprisoned: Genshin Impact celebrates its anniversary with some in-game bonuses during update 4.1. You can look forward to a new login event guaranteeing you ten pulls as well as an additional 1,600 Primogems you can collect via your in-game mail. This will contain a bubble-generating gadget and a new pet as well.

In terms of events, version 4.1 has the following pieces of content in store:

  • Waterborne Poetry
  • Dodoco’s Bomb-Tastic Adventure
  • Radiant Harvest
  • The Peaks and Troughs of Life

In Waterborne Poetry, you can earn a brand-new 4-Star catalyst called Ballad of the Boundless Blue and its refinement material, Dandelion Bookmark.

Two additional bosses join the fray in this update: The Millenial Pearl Seahorse and the Experimental Field Generator both inhabit the new territory in Fontaine that will become playable.

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