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Genshin Impact 4.3 characters will be Navia and Chevreuse

Find out more about these upcoming characters
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The upcoming Genshin Impact update 4.2 will feature Furina and Charlotte on its character banners, but as usual developer and publisher HoYoverse likes to give fans a glimpse of what they can expect in the future – and it looks like Genshin Impact 4.3 will make Navia and Chevreuse playable.

They'll expand the Geo and Pyro rosters of the game. While their weapon types are still unknown, Chevreuse is depicted as wielding a gun, which will break new ground in the game – at least aesthetically.

Genshin Impact Navia and Chevreuse artworks side-by-side.

Navia and Chevreuse are preparing for their debuts as playable characters.

Navia is a very familiar face for anyone who’s played through the Fontaine story arc: Spina di Rosula’s boss has been a brave as well as clever companion for the Traveler on their journey through the Nation of Hydro, especially when it came to investigating for court cases in the first part of the arc. Navia is a 5-Star character and commands a Geo Vision. Her weapon type is not obvious from her artwork.

Here’s what the official description says about Navia:

"When we were young, we used to play a kind of tabletop game where she would be the adventurer and I the host. Playing things by ear has always come naturally to me – but all the same, I was often stumped by her decisions and the ripostes she came out with. But then again, that's what made it so interesting." – Clorinde

Judging from her appearance, there's no doubt that Navia is the very picture of a Fontainian lady. She likes to accoutre herself in ornate dresses and fine hats, and carries with her a ribboned umbrella encrusted with jewels. Thus bedecked, she flits around the streets of the Court of Fontaine, the slopes of Mont Automnequi, as well as lesser-known spots along the Fleuve Cendre. She's never before been hindered by her long flowing dress, nor by her deceptively heavy umbrella. Spry as a sparrow, she is the bearer of glad tidings from the Spina di Rosula for those in need. Perhaps this is why Navia has become one of the famous reporter Charlotte's favorite subjects. At the exhibition hall of The Steambird, there even hangs a photo connected to her called "The Soaring Yellow Rose." But there's no need to worry – for it goes without saying that the photo's subject not only consented to its showing, but also gave her enthusiastic support.

Genshin Impact Navia artwork.

Navia may be a bit of a mafia boss, but she's also kind and helpful.


Chevreuse, Fontaine’s Special Security and Surveillance Patrol Captain, had less presence in the story than Navia, but fans have already been taken in by her design – she comes in a vaguely militarily looking uniform, has an eye patch, and – most importantly – carries a gun as her primary weapon. It’s unknown whether she’s a 5- or 4-Star character, but her Vision is of the Pyro element. Since she’s depicted with a gun, her weapon type will likely be catalyst or bow.

Here’s what the official description of Chevreuse has to say:

"...Captain Chevreuse, once again I implore you, we must tighten up the Special Security and Surveillance Patrol's entry requirements. Right now, we count among our members petty crooks who have burgled all over the Court of Fontaine, street fighters whose only concern is getting rich, and even a bandit whose band of cronies almost succeeded in robbing a bank! If you hadn't personally caught him red-handed – scoping the place out under the guise of being an investor – they might very well have pulled it off... For pity's sake, we're supposed to be the Maison Gardiennage! Even if just to preserve our image, please consider doing something!" – The ninth in a series of pleading letters sent to Chevreuse by Captain Grosrochard of the Gardes

"Behave yourself or the Patrol will get you!" – A warning often issued to naughty Fontainian children from exasperated parents Of course, those children are too young to understand how ridiculous such a thought is – that you might be dragged off by the Special Security and Surveillance Patrol for going to bed too late, eating snacks after brushing your teeth, or getting bad grades. In reality, the only people that the Patrol are really after are notorious criminals. As children grow older and come to learn this, these warnings quickly lose their effect. ...But some members of the Special Security and Surveillance Patrol can't help but resent this type of "education" when they notice children on the street quietly slipping away as they approach. As they see it, painting such a picture of the Patrol couldn't be more inappropriate. If people are allowed to keep saying such things, then the Patrol's infamous reputation will loom like a shadow over the children of Fontaine, and who knows how long it will stay there? "What's wrong with that?" This was Special Security and Surveillance Patrol Captain Chevreuse's response as she sat there dealing with official documents. "I hope they'll always remember our 'infamous reputation,' and understand the meaning behind it..." "...That way, perhaps there won't need to come a day when I have to drag them away for real."

Genshin Impact Chevreuse artwork.

No shenanigans on Chevreuse's watch.

Genshin Impact 4.2 will be released on November 8, 2023, which means that version 4.3 is set for a December 20, 2023, release date.