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Genshin Impact has revealed Kirara as the newest playable character to join the game’s already considerable roster. She possesses the power of Dendro and hails from Inazuma, becoming the first playable character from that region to sport the latest element that was introduced.

Kirara is another human-animal-hybrid, sporting cat ears, two tails, and paws instead of feet. We already have several types of such beings in the game, with the also cat-like Diona, the dog-like Gorou, and Tighnari, who features long animal ears as well.

The official Genshin Impact Twitter account describes Kirara as follows:

"She's an adorable little nekomata. Just whisper 'your gonna be late' in her ear while she's asleep, and she'll spring right up and start dashing faster than General Gorou does on the battlefield."

In Japanese folklore, nekomata are cat-like youkai that have become so old that they have grown a second tail – most of the myths surrounding them deal with them eating or seducing humans.

Her constellation is called Arcella, which in our world is a species of amoebae that thrives in wet conditions – perhaps not the most helpful name to find out more about Kirara. HoYoverse named her the “Gold Level Courier of the Komaniya Express” as well, which seems to be her occupation and might point towards her being quick and nimble on her paws, just like a cat. She holds a box on her artwork, which might be where she transports letters.

Kirara has actually led to some confusion among the leaker community of Genshin Impact in the last couple of weeks. Early information coming out about her claimed that she would be using the Geo element and stated various different versions of her name, such as Momoka. The official announcement has finally cleared things up for good.

We expect Kirara to join the roster of playable characters in update 3.7 of Genshin Impact, which should come out towards the end of May 2023. Genshin Impact 3.6 with new banners and lots of content is up first.