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Deliver parcels and defeat to your enemies with the best Genshin Impact Kirara build while staying right on time. A new Dendro character wielding a one-handed sword, Kirara is a nimble nekomata yokai working as a courier in Inazuma, which makes her the first character of that element from the island nation.

Kirara’s Elemental Skill, Meow-teor Kick, first deals a bunch of damage to your target and then surrounds Kirara with a protective Shield of Safe Transport. This absorbs damage based on her maximum HP and applies Dendro to her for a short time, so keep that in mind when using this skill. If you hold the button for Meow-teor Kick, Kirara will deploy her shield and then curl up, entering her special delivery box in order to move more quickly. In this stance she deals Dendro damage to whichever enemy she crashes into and she has more movement speed, climbing speed, and jumping power.

Her Elemental Burst, Secret Art: Surprise Dispatch, deals Dendro damage in an area-of-effect. After the initial attack, many smaller bombs are left on the battlefield that explode after some time or when they come into contact with the enemy, dealing additional area-of-effect Dendro damage.

Kirara also has an important passive ability you should know about, which increases the damage of her offensive moves for every 1,000 HP she possesses – that simplifies building her a lot.

Best Kirara weapons – Genshin Impact

Since Kirara’s maximum HP are the deciding factor for the strength of her shields and provide her with bonus damage, stacking more health on her is the way to go. The Key of Khaj-Nisut is the best one-handed sword for this job, providing HP % as a stat and adding Elemental Mastery based on the maximum HP to the wielder. This is nice, as it boosts the damage of any reactions Kirara might trigger.

Here are the best weapons for Kirara in Genshin Impact:

  • Key of Khaj-Nisut (5-star one-handed sword)
  • Sapwood Blade (4-star one-handed sword)
  • Xiphos’ Moonlight (4-star one-handed sword)
  • Favonius Sword (4-star one-handed sword)
  • Sacrificial Sword (4-star one-handed sword)
Genshin Impact Kirara.

Best Kirara artifacts – Genshin Impact

There are more ways than ever before for stacking HP on a character thanks to the recent release of the artifact set Vourukasha's Glow. Pairing two pieces of this set with two pieces of Tenacity of the Millelith, which both bring an additional 20% HP to the table, will allow you to maximize Kirara’s health and make her shields extremely robust.

You should get the following stat distribution on Kirara’s artifact set:

  • Flower: HP (main stat), HP %, Energy Recharge, Elemental Mastery, Attack % (secondary stats)
  • Plume: Attack (main stat), HP %, HP, Energy Recharge, Elemental Mastery (secondary stats)
  • Sands: HP % (main stat), HP, Energy Recharge, Elemental Mastery, Attack % (secondary stats)
  • Goblet: HP % (main stat), HP, Energy Recharge, Elemental Mastery, Attack % (secondary stats)
  • Circlet: HP % (main stat), HP, Energy Recharge, Elemental Mastery, Attack % (secondary stats)
Genshin Impact Kirara.

Best Kirara teams – Genshin Impact

Kirara’s main role is to protect the team from incoming damage. Naturally, she can be used to provide Dendro application as well, though she’s not an ideal candidate for that as doesn’t have the ability to do this from off-field.

This Aggravate team is formed around the usual core of Keqing, Nahida, and Shinobu, who do most of the offensive work. Kirara fills the flexible position that could also be occupied by Zhongli, Sucrose, or Kazuha – just like Zhongli, she can provide shields to absorb incoming damage and keep the team healthy, though unlike the CEO of Geo, she doesn’t come with resistance shred.

  • Alhaitham (Main DPS), Xingqiu (Sub DPS), Kirara (Support), Kuki Shinobu (Support)

Kirara may not provide the same amount of support as Nahida, though her presence still triggers the Dendro Resonance necessary to maximize reaction damage.

In general, you can effectively add Kirara to any team around a Main DPS who can interact with the Dendro element, so she’s pretty flexible overall.

Kirara ascension materials – Genshin Impact

You’ll want to quickly raise Kirara’s level when you finally pull her, which means that you’ll need to farm her ascension materials. You’ll also require some material to upgrade her talents.

Here’s what you need to get Kirara to level 90:

  • Nagadus Emerald Sliver x1
  • Nagadus Emerald Fragment x9
  • Nagadus Emerald Chunk x9
  • Nagadus Emerald Gemstone x6
  • Spectral Husk x18
  • Spectral Heart x30
  • Spectral Nucleus x36
  • Amakumo Fruit x168
  • Evergloom Ring x46
  • Mora x2,092,530

Nagadus Emeralds are available from any Dendro-affiliated boss on the world map, such as the Terrorshroom or the Dendro Hypostasis. Spectral Husks, Hearts, and Nuclei are obtained from defeated Specters, which can mostly be found on Watatsumi Island and Seirai Island. You’ll need to go to Seirai Island in any case, as that’s where plenty of Amakumo Fruits grow to satisfy your demand.

Evergloom Rings are a boss material dropped by the Iniquitous Baptist found in the Girdle of the Sands sub-region of Sumeru. The best way to earn more Mora is to farm golden Ley Line Blossoms.

Genshin Impact Kirara.

Here’s what you need to upgrade all of Kirara’s talents to their maximum level:

  • Spectral Husk x18
  • Spectral Heart x66
  • Spectral Nucleus x93
  • Teachings of Transience x9
  • Guide to Transience x63
  • Philosophies of Transience x114
  • Everamber x18
  • Crown of Insight x3
  • Mora x4,957,500

For the items already mentioned, check above. You’ll need to visit the Violet Court Domain between Narukami Island and Kannazuka Island on Monday, Thursday, and Sunday to farm Scrolls of Ingenuity. Everamber is a material you can only obtain in Sumeru, as you’ll need to defeat the Dendro Dragon, Apep.

Crowns of Insight are a rare item gained from time-limited events or regional reward mechanics like the Tree of Dreams in Sumeru or the Grand Narukami Shrine in Inazuma.