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Genshin Impact leaks show that Navia will be a must-have

Impeccable animations
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HoYoverse has knocked it out of the park with the latest story arc in Genshin Impact, which we won’t spoil here in any way, and already seems to have the next big hit in the oven: Navia. The Geo character has already been announced for update 4.3, the version launching in December 2023, and has been a fan-favorite ever since her first appearance in the Overture Teaser ahead of the 4.0 launch. However, the latest Genshin Impact leaks have propelled the Navia hype into new heights.

Video footage from the ongoing beta test, which we are not going to include here for copyright reasons, shows the animations for Navia, which are drop-dead gorgeous.

Genshin Impact Fontaine character design.

You got me, Navia, you got me.

Her first idle animation has Navia take out her parasol and sunglasses, while her second has her enjoying a fresh breeze and holding onto her hat as it’s threatened of being blown away. That all pales in comparison to her combat animations, though.

Confirming that she’s a claymore user, the footage depicts her wielding a heavy halberd (likely her signature weapon), which she whirls around elegantly. Finishing her attack combo, she is jumping into the air before softly landing thanks to her parasol. Holding down the button for her Normal Attack results in a spinning attack, after which takes off her shades while striking a pose.

Speaking of her parasol: This isn’t just a cure accessory, but a powerful part of her kit, because it’s not a normal parasol – it’s a full-blown gunbrella. That’s right, hidden inside the parasol is a gun, which Navia uses for her Elemental Skill. She can take aim and perhaps even charge up the shot, going by the footage, before unleashing it.

Now if you thought that’s already quite bombastic, then you’ll just love her Elemental Burst, which is a full-on artillery barrage – not joking. The camera turns around, showing Navia leisurely standing there with her parasol in hand and revealing a battery of cannons firing a continuous salvo into the area of effect.

The sound effects for all of these attacks are fantastic as well, doing their part in creating what is going to be one of the most stylish characters in the game to date – and that’s something for a game that recently celebrated its third anniversary.

You better check for Genshin Impact codes and participate in the update 4.2 events to stock up on Primogems, because you won’t want to skip Navia. If you're busy building Furina, you can use our Lakelight Lily locations guide to harvest her ascension material.