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The Genshin Impact 3.7 livestream introduced Kirara at last, but it also teased the Fontaine region and a big new feature. After highlighting all the events coming in the new version and dropping some new Genshin codes for freebies, the stream ends with a 15-second sequence showing a lush underwater region.

Translucent rays glide through the depths, while lush growth rustles in the currents. It’s like Watatsumi Island, but underwater – and then the big reveal happens. The camera pans up and shows the Traveler swimming across the screen, before it fades to black, and the stream ends.

It may be short, but it set fans’ imaginations spinning.

“WE CAN SWIM UNDERWATER? LET’S GO” one Twitter user wrote in all caps. Another posted a gif of a waterlogged Paimon, referencing the open-world game’s prologue, when the Traveler fishes Paimon out of shallow water because she can’t swim. Others wondered if it might just be a cinematic that plays when the Traveler enters Fontaine for the first time.

A cinematic of that kind would be a first for HoYoverse. Arriving in a new region usually involves some kind of Bethesda-style “step out” moment, such as emerging from a cavern into the vast, open rainforest of Sumeru, but these never tease mechanics that you can’t actually use. 

Swimming would also be a first for the RPG, and the prospect raises questions of whether HoYoverse would make swimming backwards compatible, as it were, in other regions or keep it tied to Fontaine.

Or maybe it’s what one Twitter user said: just a sly trick and a tease for 2023’s summer adventure.

We’ll have to wait a while to find out. Genshin Impact 3.7 launches on May 24, 2023, and will run the usual six weeks before giving way to Version 3.8 in July. 3.8 is expected to be the final Sumeru patch before Travelers head to Fontaine.