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GTA 6 confirmed for PS5 and Xbox Series X|S in 2025, no luck for PC

It’s likely going to be a longer wait for PC players
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It’s been quite the day: Rockstar released the first GTA 6 trailer ahead of schedule after a blurry version of the video that was watermarked with some sort of weird cryptocurrency scam ad was leaked on social media hours before the planned premiere – which is about the most GTA thing that could happen. Take-Two’s official press release going out with the reveal trailer confirmed that GTA 6 is planned to be launched in 2025 on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S. There is no mention of PC to be found.

That’s both baffling and not surprising at all. It’s not surprising, because Rockstar is very much known for not releasing its games on PC at the same time as on consoles. Instead, the studio prefers to focus on one version at a time, delivering a refined experience. A more cynical take would be, of course, that the company wants to double-dip – tempting PC players into buying the console version to play along with everyone else and then also the PC version released later.

Trailer scene from GTA 6 showing a highway at sunset.

A new dawn for GTA, same old stuff for the series' PC fans.

It’s baffling, because PC gaming has grown a lot over the past decade, making it an all the more important sector. There is also the fact that one of the biggest long term engagement factors and free advertisement tools for the game – role-playing servers and the content coming out of them – are a PC phenomenon. With Rockstar buying up the company behind FiveM, which provides essential tools for RP servers in GTA Online, it was thought that the studio may prioritize its PC community a bit more this time around. That, it seems now, was a mirage.

The “Rockstar tax” for PC players – the usual delay until the developer’s games are released on the platform – is between one and two years, putting a potential GTA 6 release on PC into 2026 or 2027 territory. That’s assuming there will be no delays for the console version, which is not a given at this point.

At least players seemingly don’t have to fear their systems not being able to handle the title – if the Series S can run it, most modern gaming PCs should be able to get a grip on it as well if the studio doesn’t completely screw up the optimization of the port (fingers crossed after some of the ports we’ve seen this year). Plus, there's plenty of time to upgrade to the GTX 6090 or whatever we'll have by then.