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Only BTS is hotter than the GTA 6 trailer – so far

Rockstar is on the hunt for records
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Trailer 1 for GTA 6 has broken the record for getting the most amount of views on YouTube in 24 hours without being a music video, dethroning Mr. Beast who previously held the record with 59.2 million views. With ten hours still to go before the 24 hour limit is hit at the time of writing, the GTA 6 trailer sits on a splendid 64.6 million views, so there’s plenty of room to grow the new record.

Since some other YouTube channels have uploaded the trailer as well and are siphoning views from the official video, the total number of views is a lot higher than that, but won’t be counted in the record books.

The GTA 6 trailer's sun is still rising – but how fast can it go up?

The GTA 6 trailer's sun is still rising – but how fast can it go up?

Rockstar’s first GTA 5 trailer, released twelve years ago, reached a total of 97 million views up to this point.

With the GTA 6 trailer having destroyed all other measuring sticks, Rockstar is pretty much up against the internet’s final boss now: the BTS Army. That sounds like a mercenary company of internet trolls, but in reality is the giant global fan community of South Korean boy group BTS.

BTS currently holds the general record for most views in 24 hours for any YouTube video, as their music video for the song ‘Butter’ reached an astonishing 108.2 million views inside that window of time.

Even for a game as highly anticipated as GTA 6, crossing that milestone is probably going to be out of reach. For now, the question will be by how much Rockstar can surpass Mr. Beast in the non-music video category.

GTA 6 is set for a 2025 release on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S, while PC players likely will have to wait longer.