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Helldivers 2 PC player count reaches over 400,000 concurrents

Monday’s numbers upping the weekend’s record
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Helldivers 2 keeps on growing and beating its own records on Steam: After breaking 400,000 concurrent users on PC for the first time over the previous weekend, the third-person shooter managed to up the ante once again on Monday evening, claiming 411,359 players at its peak, according to SteamDB.

This catapulted Helldivers 2 into the top six most-played games on Steam behind Valve’s own Counter-Strike 2 and Dota 2, the battle royale titles PUBG and Apex Legends, and the survival crafting phenomenon Palworld. It’s noteworthy that all of these are free-to-play experiences with the sole exception of Palworld, so Helldivers 2 is truly playing in the big leagues at the moment.

To the Super Moon!

To the Super Moon!

Helldivers 2 already became Sony’s strongest PC launch ever and beat the peak concurrent player numbers of renowned titles like GTA 5, Rust, and Monster Hunter: World on Steam.

Accompanying all of these successes are ongoing server troubles, which have become such a hassle for players that many of them aren’t even logging out of the game anymore while they go to work or sleep, as they fear that they won’t be able to log in and play after they return.

Developer Arrowhead is working on fixing these issues, but has been unable to completely rein them in so far – spectators have already observed a seeming lack of assistance from Sony in this regard, despite Helldivers 2 being published by the company.

When Palworld had similar problems earlier this year, Microsoft came out with a statement of support and offered to help the popular Xbox Game Pass title in any way it could, despite not being associated with the Japanese developer behind the mega hit on any deeper level.

For Helldivers 2, the server issues seem to act as a clear limiter of concurrent players right now, which means that we’re likely to see even higher numbers in the coming days as more power is brought to bear and this limit of supported users grows.

Arrowhead CEO Johan Pilestedt stated that Helldivers 2 was “blowing through the estimates” and confirmed that the team had not expected such a successful launch, which explains why these server problems have been so severe.