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Honkai: Star Rail 1.3 events, features, and Simulated Universe update

More Trailblaze Power, a new 5-Star Light Cone, and more
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Update 1.3 for Honkai: Star Rail is just around the corner and HoYoverse has lots of goodies for players in store that’ll become available once the version goes live on August 30, 2023. Among these are very welcome improvements like the boosted Trailblaze Power capacity and Reserve Trailblaze Power, which allows players to slack off for a while and not log in without missing out on too much of the valuable resource.

One of the most popular features of Honkai: Star Rail, the roguelike Simulated Universe, will be updated in version 1.3. Herta’s Shop, the currency for which players can earn through their runs through the Simulated Universe, will offer a new 5-Star Light Cone for the Path of The Nihility. It’s called Solitary Healing and increases the wearer’s Break Effect by 20%. When the wearer uses their Ultimate, DoT dealt by them is boosted by 24% for two turns. When a target suffering from DoT inflicted by the wearer is defeated, the wearer regenerates four Energy. This is going to be a pretty great free-to-play option for characters like Kafka, Silver Wolf, Sampo, and Luka.

That’s not all for the Simulated Universe, however: The Swarm Disaster, a new mode inside the SU, will become available for challengers. This includes the new Path of The Propagation, which strengthens the power of Basic Attacks. Furthermore, additional Curios can be obtained and new Events can be encountered on your runs. This mode also contains the Resonance Interplay feature, which allows you to unlock special bonuses for having a certain amount of Blessings from two different Paths. In short: It’s a massive update for the popular game mode bringing tons of new content and opportunities to earn Stellar Jade to the table.

To reflect this, 41 achievements have been added to the Universe in a Nutshell category and can be earned during your SU runs.

In terms of events, the schedule is once again packed as well:

  • Aurum Alley’s Hustle and Bustle – rebuild an area of the Xianzhou Luofu in a city-builder mini-game to earn Stellar Jade, a Track of Destiny, Self-Modeling Resin, and a free copy of Sushang. This mode will be permanently available.
  • Simulated Universe: The Swarm Disaster – Herta and friends completed an expansion pack for the Simulated Universe, containing lots of new features and rewards such as Stellar Jade, a Track of Destiny, Self-Modeling Resin, and Star Rail Tickets.
  • Space Station Task Force – help revitalize Herta Space Station by completing daily assignments with special rewards.
  • Planar Fissure – double rewards for Planar Ornaments in the Simulated Universe.
  • Garden of Plenty – double rewards for Crimson and Gold Calyxes.

Story-wise, we’ll see the aftereffects of the events in update 1.2, namely the battle against Phantylia. Remember, Jing Yuan has been wounded during the fight and we still have no idea what happened to the real Tingyun – perhaps we’ll get some answers on this. Four new Companion Missions will be available, focusing on Imbibitor Lunae, Lynx, March 7th, and Luka.

Two new Stagnant Shadows will be unlocked in update 1.3, giving players access to additional materials needed to ascend Imbibitor Lunae and Fu Xuan. Gift of Odyssey will be back as well, giving you ten Special Star Rail Tickets for free through daily logins.

As usual, new character banners are part of the update, too. You can check out the newest Honkai: Star Rail codes in our overview to grab them before they expire.