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Honkai: Star Rail update 1.3 will boost Trailblaze Power limit

HoYoverse has some neat quality of life improvements in store
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Update 1.3 for Honkai: Star Rail is due to be released at the end of August 2023 and the team at HoYoverse has detailed some nice improvements coming with this patch already. Most important is an increase to the maximum amount of Trailblaze Power you can store: This limit is currently at 180 and will be boosted to 240 – this means players won’t have to log in two times a day as to not waste too much of the precious resource, which is used for farming ascension materials, XP materials, and Relics.

At the moment, Trailblaze Power is gained so quickly that not logging in at least two times a day means that you’re going to hit the storage limit, wasting any overflow. Players will be able to take it a lot easier with the increased capacity. HoYoverse is going one step further, though, adding a feature called Reserved Trailblaze Power. If you still hit the limit due to not being able to play for a few days, for example, a percentage of the overflowing Trailblaze Power will be converted to this resource, which you presumably will be able to tap into later. Fantastic changes all around.

Honkai: Star Rail Fu Xuan.

Fu Xuan isn't the only welcome addition to Honkai: Star Rail in update 1.3.

Additional improvements to quality of life in update 1.3 include the ability to use stickers in chats and to hide the black navigation bar at the bottom of the screen on the PC client. Players will get their birthday mails even if they don’t log in on that exact date as well.

Simulated Universe fans will be happy to hear that Herta’s Store is going to get new items that’ll be available with Herta Bonds in update 1.3, among them a 5-Star Light Cone for The Nihility.

Future changes include a replay function for story dialog, in case players miss something while they’re playing, as well as improving the usage of consumables. AI behavior during auto-battle is looked at as well with the use of skills by the AI-controlled characters being the main focus.

Lots of good stuff players can look forward to in addition to the upcoming characters joining the roster of the game with update 1.3: Fu Xuan, Imbibitor Lunae, and Lynx will be introduced. Until then, check out our build and ascension guides for Kafka and Luka, the two figures on the current Honkai: Star Rail 1.2 banners.